Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday afternoon and evening it rained and rained.  It was such a nice change from the snow and it even got quite mild.  I spent the evening in, made a stir fry and relaxed.

Unfortunately the mild weather was short lived because we woke up to a snowstorm on Saturday morning (ugh).

I whipped up some raspberry chia seed jam--my second batch--to stir into my greek yogurt.

Saturday morning gym sesh (chest), then it was onto lunch...

More after the jump... Chuck's and this time I switched things up and got the grilled veggie panini on whole grain and added chicken.

We spent the afternoon at Marco's old apartment purging, organizing, packing, and what a job it was. A solid five hours of work that sucked, to be honest., we went out on a date that night, around 9pm.
Outfit deets:  Thrifted jacket, Club Monaco scarf, H&M top, Bongo denim (see a more detailed shot of my DIY distressing.  And here's how), Aldo boots & Romwe bag.

We went to El Camino but the wait was over an hour, per usual, and often we will wait, but were starved so headed over to SideDoor and had the tacos there instead (which is where EC originated from anyways).  I had a glass of the Australian Shiraz--so good, and I can be picky.

Sunday morning we got a quick shoulder work-out in before the craziness of moving day happened.

We spent the early afternoon at Marco's apartment, my parents and brother-in-law came and helped pack up a bunch of stuff.  Then onto my place to grab a few bigger items that I'm storing for the time being.  Then the unload, then back to my place on my own, and eventually back to Marco's--it was a full 12 hour day.  I joked to Marco that had I know what the day would have entailed when I got up that morning, I would have stayed in bed.

Marco giving his place a quick vacuum before leaving.

Saying goodbye to my old place and living alone.  Onto the next chapter!


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spiffykerms said...

Were you sad to leave your old spot? I certainly wasn't. When we left Waterloo, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Syanarra baby!

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