Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eyelet Peplum

 Outfit deets:
* Imaginary Voyage top (from Winners, new!).  I picked this top up last week during my lunch hour while shopping.  I saw the top, loved it and bought it without trying it on--something I never, ever do--and it worked out.  I might take the darts in at the front a tad as it's a littler roomier there than I hoped, but in these photos it doesn't show.
* H&M skirt (old) which you've seen with a few summers back with pink & my favourite gladiators.
* Diva Lounge wedges (old) which were my go-to shoe last summer (along with my Sophie Low's) and you've seen them with my 'Nurse' dress, an Easter outfit, in Florida for my 28th birthday, and with a pretty white dress.  
* Accessories: gifted circles bracelet, American Eagle open bangle, Swarovski bangle, Claire's necklace & Gucci shades.

I'm so excited to finally post some outfit photos; I've been slacking lately but my point-and-shoot kind of died on me too.  Secondly, I'm slowly learning how to work with a DSLR which is so exciting but difficult to use with a self-timer.  Any Nikon pros out there that can offer some tips on shooting yourself?

This wall is convenient for me to shoot at so you might be seeing more of it in the future; hope you don't mind but I think it makes for a cool backdrop.

Do you guys Keek?  I joined about a month ago and love sharing random clips of my life on there, including outfits that never see the light of day on my blog.  If you don't know what Keek is, it's short, 36 second video clips; just long enough to share something cool but short enough you don't get bored.  Find me @acoest1984.



Rebecca @ Thats So Pearl said...

Those shoes are fabulous and they look great paired with that outfit!

P.S. The backdrop (wall) is really cool and it really makes your clothes pop! :)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Rebecca: awww, thank you SO MUCH!! :)

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