Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A.Co Designs: Mint Maxi

I'm so so so proud to share with you guys my newest creation: this mint colour maxi dress. 

I purchased the fabric last night and poured my entire night into it, hours upon hours of work with many set-backs but managed to complete the project around 1am.  Worth it though, as I'm not sure if I'd finish it if I put it down.  Once I start something, I like to finish it the same day, if I can.

I was initially inspired by the dress Veronika wore to her baby shower, which is the Gabriella Rocha 'Hally' dress.  Since maxi dresses are normally too short for me, and I didn't want to pay $65+ for the dress, I wondered if I could somehow make it.  I ended up finding this fabric on sale for $7/metre and bought 2.5 metres.  I also bought some thread to match and went home to get started. 

The entire project took me about 6 hours, but I suffered many set-backs including running to the store for sewing elastics--that I didn't end up using in the end; talk about frustrating!--having to rip out over six feet of stitches, sewing elastics to the fabric that were on the wrong side, and more. 

It was my most intricate project to date, but probably the one of my most proud of.  I really wanted a grecian feel to this dress where it flows away from the body and is not form fitted on the lower half like the original Hally dress and really feel I accomplished that. 

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It should be noted that I'm an amature sewer, completely self-taught and have never used a pattern. I make all my pieces from scratch and mostly with deeply discounted fabric or ends of rolls because I'm worried I'll screw up and have wasted a bunch of money. I use a Singer 7256 Fashion Mate which I received for Christmas a few years ago and love it.



Anonymous said...

That is wonderful. Good job! I love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Great dress!! I, too, have been coveting that mint maxi from Veronika's Blushing... and now I'm wanting this one!

Melissa M said...

OMG I can't believe you can sew that without a pattern? The dress looks amazing and I am sure you will get tons of wear from it. Great job!

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