Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Fitting Room @ Joe Fresh

Black & white shorts, $29  |  Printed pants, $29 (did not purchase)

Since purchasing my car, I've been on a much (much!) tighter budget, which I knew would be the case and is ultimately worth it because I'm driving my dream car, but sometimes sucks too because man do I love to shop.

I've hit up Joe Fresh a couple times in the past few weeks and actually took pictures of the stuff I tried on to share with you all.  I definitely could have bought more, but I had to pick my very favourites as I could not afford everything.

From left to right:
* Floral dress, $39:  I loved this one but it was the only one in the store and a size too big.  It looks okay in the pictures but I'm holding it up on my hip with my hand and while I love a flowy look, this was just too paper-bag princess.
* Racerback neon tank, $8:  I purchased this in a size small and love it for working out.  I love wearing colour when I hit the gym.
* Flowy neon tank, $8:  I bought this one in a size large because I wanted it to be flowy.  I love the hot pink colour and it's kind of a heathered fabric.  I brought it with me to Mexico and dressed it up with a striped skirt.
* Men's neon sweater, sale $6.94:  My plan was to cut out the neckline (to make it into a boatneck) and bunch up the sleeves, but once I had it on, I didn't love it so I left it.

* Paisley printed shorts, $19: these were cute, and came in navy as well.  However, once I put them on (after trying to shorts above), I was not loving them.  They started to grow on me but I was kind of in between sizes, to be honest and my bestie wasn't a huge fan either.  I'm on the fence and may go back for them.
* Black pocket tee, $14:  I like this, a lot--it also comes in ivory and grey--but I have so much black and need to be choosy with where I spend my money (but secretly I want to go back and get it!).

Left to right:
* My own outfit with an old Joe Fresh jacket.
* Striped boatneck top, $14:  I really liked this pink stripe top (that also comes in grey/white and navy/white) that has a low scoop in the back.  This is a size medium and I like the fit (which was surprising, I thought I'd want a large) but I wasn't totally sold.  I always look at it when I visit Joe Fresh though, it's cute.


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