Thursday, November 17, 2011

Neutral Pop

Garage denim jacket, Joe Fresh sweater, Brody Myles top, H&M pants, Aldo boots (last seen here), 
Club Monaco scarf, H&M bangle & Bay ring

I rushed to take these photos.  Can you tell by the stunned look on my face?  Ha.  I was on my way to zumba, it was starting to rain, it was the end of the day, I was rushing, and the lighting was way off.  I ended up with these two work-able photos, not my favourites... but I did like this outfit (and my MTL girlfriend asked me to share with her how I would style my new red pants).

Thursday, Thursday, the day before the wonderful Friday.  Tonight I'm going to dinner with my grandparents and mom and then we are going to a musical (live play).  I'm not really a huge theatre go-er, but it was sweet of them to invite me and I get to spend some time with some of my favourite people, so, I'm in.

In other news, I bought three new rolling racks from Canadian Tire (50% off till today!).  I already purchased two from Home Outfitters which collapsed under the weight of my clothes (grrrr) so I returned those.  These ones are more 'heavy duty' so hopefully they will work.  If not, I will be lugging them back to the store... kind of how I was seen lugging them around the store.  This girl, of course, did not take a cart and was trying to carry three massive (and heavy, might I add) boxes of rolling racks. 

In a mini skirt no less.

Fortunately, a nice man in his fifties offered to help me carry them to the cash.  And he had a limp.  Like WTF, I should be helping him.  How nice is that?  He said it was his good deed for the day and to 'pass it on'.

I will pass it on.

Have you done a good deed lately?


jamie said...

Love. those. pants!!! I have been wanting red pants for months and never find the right pair! I was just at H&M a few weeks ago and they didn't have those....
I need a good rolling rack myself. I think they have them at's on the list!


Lovvveeee the trousers!!

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