Monday, April 4, 2011

April Resolutions

Apriori dress, Stitches skirt, Aldo wedges (last seen here & in brown here), Dynamite belt, Gucci shades, 
Mexx, Suzy & Forever 21 bangles & Bay ring

It's that time: a new month, new resolutions.  I figured why not make some resolutions each month (here's the March list), seems more feasible then creating a list for the entire year, no?  The whole idea is that the resolutions have to be feasible (and sometimes enjoyable).  So what's up, April?  Let's do this:

1.  Whiten my teeth.  I bought Crest White Strips (totally been wanting to try them for a couple years but never pulled the trigger) and am on my way.  We'll see what happens.  They are on my teeth as I type... they feel funny.  Oh, and my teeth are already feeling more sensitive (uh oh).

2.  Figure out what the f I'm doing with my hair.  Am I going to highlight it (the norm) super blonde or am I going to phase in the ombre look?  I'm getting there with the ombre, but at this point it's just really bad roots that look greasy when they're clean.

3.  Mail a special package (that's been sitting on my dresser for months) to a special friend (I'm such a procrastinator - ugh).

4.  Buy a new car.  Okay, this is a pretty big resolution for April but I'm serious about getting a new car and definitely want to have it in time for summer.  I'm looking at one model but there are two engine types.  I've test driven one and am taking the other out this Wednesday. 

5.  Make a clutch, a skirt and a scarf.  I bought the fabric, now it's go time.

PS - no tights.  I've officially ditched the tights.  I did it before April too, mainly because I took a trip to Florida and never looked back (slash had a tan... so what if it was a spray tan).



this free bird said...

I love that you wore a dress over a skirt. I do that sometimes, too and really like how it looks. You look great in turquoise too, btw.

Okay Crest white stripes totally do a sensitive number on my teeth, too. But girl they work like crazy! And car? Ohhhh I feel your pain. I had to get a new one last eyar (after 15 yrs) and it was tough to deal with the car guys + come to peace with myself. Argh. Grown up decisions - you're almost there, though and it's so exciting to drive off the lot.

Maybe you'll dream about the car to buy and then do it? Crazy or what?? I think you are one of only 2 people who have had this thing too. My whole life even as a little too?


modern.girl said...

ooh make a clutch???? is that easier? tutorial? maybe i can join you.


Rochelle Approved said...

I love crest whitestrips.... besides how sensitive they make my teeth. I just used a sensitive toothpaste with it and it helped a lot.
You'll have to show us photos of the car when you get it!
Your outfit looks great, and I love how you were able to lengthen the hem by adding the skirt under it!


Anonymous said...

i just wanna shop in ur closet! hahahha

hope u tried that breakfast cookie!

Schnelle said...

Love those wedges!!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing dress!you look so elegant!!

LandOfTheGlam said...

Our resolutions are pretty similar!

I too have absolutely NO idea what I'd like to do with my hair. I had it cut short (A-Line bob) and now have let it grown to about your length. Whether I want to dye it, trim it or just leave it I have no idea. It's hard when you're never satisfied with any hair dressers.

I've been wanting to try Crest white strips but have always been hesitant because my teeth are already so must write an update on how they've work and if your teeth hurt like hell!!

What type of car are you looking to purcahse? Kia Forte is the car I want...but I dont want to take on another payment when my car is already paid for!

Ps - you look great in those pics! I live in Toronto and the weather is fantastic!

Jen Hsieh said...

The colors in this outfit work beautifully on you. And I'm always so impatient when it comes to whitening my teeth so it never works out with me. :P

Isabel said...

ive used crest white strips before and i like them. u just have to be careful to follow the directions. im in the process of making a clutch. i think i started in january. im still not finished. :S

Jen said...

I love the idea of monthly resolutions and I just might steal your idea and do it too! Such a great way to take those little steps to minimize procrastination!

Anyway, onto your outfit. I love your shoes and how you matched the colour palette of your accessories with your tunic. You are seriously so pretty, lady!

Happy Monday!

Jamie said...

Oh let me know how you like those whitening strips. I've been dying to try them but I wasn't sure if they worked. I can't wait to hear!!

I love that you are doing monthly resolutions. I need to do that too I think. I have been feeling like I am in a rut lately. (it couldn't have anything to do with the bf being at war...)

I love the idea of the ombre but after last years highlights fried my hair I am so gun shy about lightening my hair...Can't wait to see what you do!

PS sorry I've been a little MIA, just needed to take a minute away form blogging to deal with life stuff ya know?

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I'm weening myself off the tights but today was so cold that I had to sport them again. Love this dress, so colorful and pretty. Great job on the breakdown of resolutions- much better way to do it. And too funny, I've been obsessed with the ombre look and really want to try it! Especially lately, I'm going to talk to my hairdresser about it next time :) I can't imagine you with it, not in a bad way at all, you're just such a quintessential blonde, it's all I "know" you as!

Grace said...

good luck with those goals, I can't wait to see the clutch. That dress you're wearing is fabulous!

Abi said...

I love your wedges!!

Natalie Brooke said...

ahhh, I love this dress, you look beautiful! :) Good luck with the car, that's exciting!

Keep smiling!

Alejandra Collis said...

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