Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Responding to You

Often times I get comments or questions from you lovely readers in the comment section of my blog, which I love, but am always puzzled by how to respond.  I don't like responding in the comment section because personally I don't go back to other people's blogs to see if they responded to me there, and typically try to respond on their blogs.  However, there are some of you who either don't have blogs or post anonymously. and then I can't communicate with you.  However, I'd love to open up this post for some random questions that I can answer in a seperate post.  

For instance, someone anonymously asked me how I stay 'so slim and beautiful' when I eat so much 'fried calamari'.  I'm super flattered (thank you) and I don't eat that much calamari.  I do love treats, I love to indulge and I love to eat what I want, when I want, but I do work hard to stay healthy.  Perfect body?  Not by a long shot, but I watch what I eat (for instance, if I've been eating too many treats, I'll go back to eating clean and cut out treats for a couple days - which believe me, is difficult!), I do work out (even though I'm often dragging my butt to the gym with mad resistance) and always try to get extra steps in by taking the stairs, parking far away, etc.  Every little bit helps.

So, I'm all ears, let's hear it, ask away.

You can always:
* ask me through Formspring 
* contact me on Twitter 
* send me an email (psst, it's on the sidebar)

PS - If no one asks anything, this is going to be suuuper awkward.  I'll be like that one kid waiting for her friends to show up and everyone played a mean trick.  Um.  Humour me? 


Zirla said...

I've been readign your blog for quite sometime, (I don't have a blog) but I always wonder are your the third person from the left in the picture above with your blog name. Just curious.

Ana María said...

I love your blog.I'm trying to redefine my style and I've been searching inspiration trough magazines, the web and fashion blogs. I just discovered it recently, and I really like your style. It has given me lots of ideas and I'm in love with most of your shoes (and your shoe closet!

So, Which is your favorite store/site to buy affordable shoes?

Anonymous said...

I've recently discovered your blog too. Love it! I saw a few posts on your wedding, which looked gorgeous, and was wondering if you have any advice on staying in budget while still remaining sane while planning the whole hectic event! I'm having a hard time balancing my budget. I'm passionate about fashion, so naturally I can't resist buying the dress, shoes and jewelry I want but can't afford all that and to have all the bells and whistles at the wedding. I'm getting married this fall and I'm struggling to remain calm, organized and on budget. Help!

Anonymous said...

What do you do for a job??
Do you want any kids?

Alison Kinsey said...

Hi Amanda! I have a couple of questions:
1) do you have any wild and crazy blog goals? (ie - do you want to monetize, ever do blogging as a living?
2) what is your favorite pair of shoes out of your collection?

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

haha love the last bit of this post. ps your anonymous questions are funny, especially the first one, sounds like they've been waiting awhile to find out the answer to that :). My question is.... What's your favorite part about Canada? And what's the biggest rumor you hear about Americans.

Isabel said...

how do u get motivated to work out? ( i need help)

also. random & doesnt need to be included in Q&A. do anonymous commenters actually leave real comments? the only anonymous ones i get a are spam so i disabled anonymous commenters on my blog but i dont want to prevent anyone from commenting :S

Isabel said...

obviously to 2 above did. haha but i mean generally.

Anonymous said...

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