Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Out

 We love to eat out and one of our favourite places is Baton Rouge.  We went the other night for an impromptu date (which was so nice), arrived around 8pm without a reso, waited about half an hour and had a fantastic time.  I had the ribs, he had the steak, we ate a ton and split a great bottle of Shiraz (my fave).  When dessert time rolled around, we were both bursting at the seams but an acquaintance friend of hubs who works there brought us a cheesecake sampler (three cheesecakes) 'on the house'.  How sweet is that?  And you can bet we ate the entire thing!

I wore my new double finger ring from Stitches and my red OTK boots (last seen here)


Miranda said...

Looks delicious, awesome boots!

Jamie said...

Those boots....Your husband was probably beating off the men drooling over you! You look smokin!

Thank you for your sweetness :) I see the boy in August for 2 weeks (he gets leave) then off again he goes for another 6 months :(( I am looking forward to it but it almost rips open the wound...this is SO hard. I am lucky cause I have great friends so I know I'll be ok. Its just the beginning hump I have to get over :)

Alicia Lund said...

Eatting out is one of my favorite things to do! ;) Looks like a delicious place and love your ring!

LandOfTheGlam said...

My boyfriend is a big fan of People Under The Stairs - Your hubby is lucky he got that shirt, the dont sell the black ones anymore! :(

Love the double ring!

Anonymous said...

That sounds great! I love date night :)

Chuck said...

Great pics of the two of you~

Have fun on your vacation!!!! (Jealous!)


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