Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy Spot

I was reading In Her Stilettos's blog today (she lives in Texas) and she was saying they were getting some snow and what a 'treat' it was for this to happen.  I couldn't help but recite this in my head as I spent over an hour shoveling snow today after work.  And not the light-fluffy snow.  The super heavy, wet, great-for-making-a-snowman kind of snow.  Did I mention super heavy?  Anyways, as I live in a place where snow arrives like clockwork every year, it'd be nice to see it as a, 'treat', however, such is not the case.

In any event, Peanut and I made the best of it today and went for a little walk in the forest ... pre-hour-long-shoveling session.

{ it's still snowing ... 4 hours later }


Jamie said...

I can sympathize with her...I am from Boston and I moved to L.A. 8 years ago because I HATED the snow. Now though, especially around the holidays I find myself missing it. I usually travel back for Christmas and I always feel that it is such a treat when it does snow. Funny how that happens!!

Josie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm from Minnesota (fondly referred to by me as MinneSNOWta) and I live part-time in Indiana... So tired of it!
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment! Yours is lovely -- I'll be following along and can't wait for more!
xxoo Josie

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