Friday, February 26, 2010

What's In My Bag

{ Coach keychain, a gift from my future mother-in-law }

We as women tend to carry a ton of crap with us, day in, and day out.  My bag is always overflowing with stuff ... most unnecessary?  Let's take a look inside my bag ... Here's a view of all the things I tote around on a daily basis, give or take a few things ;)

  { wallet, glasses, compact, mitts, USB stick, iPhone, antibacterial hand lotion,
lip gloss, keys, nail polish, a snack and some chocolate. 
missing: a pashmina, I always have one with me }

{ Tiffany keychain, gift from my future mother-in-law }

{ Bath & Body Works, 'winter candy apple' lotion & 'ultra metha lip shine' }

{ iPhone }


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