Outfit deets:
* Old Navy jacket (old) which you've seen over a white denim jacket with olive dress, with different black skinnies (& heels) and a cool snood (a favourite post), & also with a leopard skirt.
* H&M black pants--my faves (from my trip Vegas; haul video HERE)--which you've seen with a blush sweater & buckle open-toe booties.
* Ardene chrome cap-toe flats (I've worn these so much since getting them months ago there is a hole in them!  Wahhhh!  I know they aren't the best quality, but I love them so much and find myself reaching for them constantly.  They are effortlessly chic with the silver cap-toe).  You've seen them with black & white pants with a peplum top.
* Accessories:  Le Chateau pashmina, Gucci shades, Detox spike bangle, F21 square bangle & Joe Fresh striped bangle.
Hello Friday!
The weekend is finally (almost) here and who doesn't love that!?
This week has been super lovely and I haven't worn a jacket into work once.  What a beautiful change from a few weeks ago when it was still almost freezing.
In other news, my car is acting up again.  Ugh.  I took it in on Monday before work because it was acting up, the Service Manager managed to turn off the engine light which temporarily fixed the problem.  We booked it in for two weeks from now as that's when I'll be able to get a loaner.  Well, last night while driving home from getting a (spray) tan and groceries, it started happening again.  How frustrating is that, right?  Very.  I just thank my lucky stars there is warranty left on the car because although this is a headache, it's not coming out of my pocket.
This weekend I'm heading out of town for tonight and Sunday there is a Mothers' Day brunch at my grandparent's senior residence.  What are you up to?

Outfit deets:
* Joe Fresh trench jacket, seen before with a dress and tights.
* Le Chateau sweater (new!).
* Alfred Sung skirt (old).
* Aldo wedges.
* Accessories:  H&M bangle, Swarovski bangle, Suzy Shier necklace & Urban Expressions purse.

My answer is simple: no.

I have a good job, a great job even, that affords me a pretty nice life style.  I'm not rolling in money but I can buy things, go out and well, enjoy life.  I am so grateful for my job and that I am able to do these things, and worked very hard to get to where I am.

Disclaimer aside, it's not my passion. 

I'm not living what I love. 

I dream of a day where I'm living what I love, doing something in fashion, or social media, blogging, styling or helping people get dressed.  These are things I'm passionate about.  These are things that get me excited.

These are not things that would currently pay the bills.

I struggle with the idea of ever leaving the job I'm in.  It's a job many people would want, kill for even, and like I said, it affords me a lifestyle I like.  Leaving it would be so scary, and if I didn't make as much money, would I be as happy or comfortable?  I don't even feel that comfortable, so I can't imagine making less.  On the other hand, if you're doing what you are really passtionate about, wouldn't that be enough?

Sound off:  are you living what you love?

Outfit deets:
* Forever 21 jacket (which is more of a burgundy colour than the reddish tone it's showing up in these photos) that I picked up the day before my trip to Dominican and it's finally warm enough to wear it now.
* American Eagle sweater cardigan which you've seen with white skinnies (kind of love this post) & a black/white combo outfit.
* Joe Fresh chiffon top which you've seen with different denim last summer.
* Foxy jeans (see when I purchased them years back) that you've seen with a cognac leather jacket and with my fave snood.  These are cool jeans because they are super long and slightly boot cut at the bottom so they always cover half my foot.
* Aldo wedges.
* Accessories:  Ardène clutch, Gucci sunglasses, H&M bar necklace, The Bay turquoise necklace, F21 horn necklace & various bangles/bracelets.

Happy Tuesday!

Last night I spent hours upon hours re-filming my next Place d'Orleans vlog.  I set aside the entire day Sunday to prep, film and edit and used all my hours only to start editing the footage--which took over an hour to import--and realize the lighting was terrible and I was out of focus the entire time.  Ugh.  So frustrating when you think you're being productive for, oh, seven hours or so, and you're not. 


I rushed home yesterday after work to re-film while there was still some daylight left, spent hours working into the night editing and sent it off this morning.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and even though I had to re-film, the final results were worth it because I was really unhappy with my first cut.  I'll share the video here (as always), once it goes live.

Here's a funny/awkward story: while taking these pictures--alone--this young guy and his girlfriend pulled up, rolled down the window and asked if I was okay.  I told them I was fine, and they proceeded to stay parked exactly where they were about four parking spots away from me and watch me.  I'm serious.  They didn't leave, so finally after a good 10 minutes, I hoped in my car and drove away.  Gawd!  Can't a girl take a freakin' photo (or 20) of herself without being creeped on?

So after my big, long post about going Gluten-free, I had this.  The bf really wanted this for dinner, and sometimes we need to compromise (haha); at the same time, I felt pretty crappy after the fact despite it being delicious.

Saturday trip to Ogdensburg, NY to pick up my new summer tires for my car.

Kiki getting her new wheels.

Once we got back into town, we went for a late breakfast on a patio.  Welcome back, Summer!

Saturday afternoon I went shopping but not before giving my girl a bath.  Couldn't resist snapping this shot.

Saw these heels at Aldo and posted them on FB.  I think I need these in my life very, very soon (the black).

Saturday night we grabbed some take-out and sat by the canal to eat.  So peaceful, warm and we saw some ducks too (& fed them!).

On Sunday morning I got an early start to my day as I knew it'd be a long one...

...I filmed all day long and into the evening only to discover (after hours of filming an over an hour of importing the footage) that my lighting was terrible and my focus was off the entire time.  Argh!  Have to re-film tonight; what a frustrating day.

A mid-editing afternoon snack.

Doesn't dinner always taste better when someone else makes it?

Happy Monday!

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