Happy Tuesday ladies!  This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada so it was a long weekend for me with tons of family & eating.  First though, some very sad news....

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers & friends!  While I did my family dinner last night to celebrate, today has been a nice day to relax with a friend, go out for brunch, do some shopping and just generally enjoy a holiday off from work (thankful for that, itself!).

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving if you're in Canada, and I'll be back tomorrow to share my weekend snaps.  Cheers.

Outfit deets:
* Jessica Simpson blazer (from my Boxing Day haul) which you've seen with tuxedo style cropped pants
* Covet tank (from my Marshalls haul) (new!).
* H&M waxed pants (picked up during my trip to Vegas) (new!).
* Accessories:  consigned necklace (new!), Gucci shades & Aldo rose gold bangle (new!).

This outfit is quite different from last year's Thanksgiving outfit, but the weather was much different and I wanted to break out my new waxed pants.  Since my sister is on her honeymoon, my parents and I were invited to have dinner with my grandparents at their senior's residence.  It was a full turkey dinner (so I got my fix) with pumpkin pie to top it off.  Only problem?  No leftovers!  Wah wah.

TFNC top/dress* (via Asos), Dynamite shorts, Aldo booties (last seen here), unknown tights, 
Auslini bangle & Suzy earrings

My family celebrated Thanksgiving this year on Saturday.  Partly because my sister is engaged and her fiance always does theirs on Sunday and partly because we had family come from out of town (yay!) to celebrate with us.

I wore the perfect outfit for eating and I got to rock my new faux leather shorts with tights for the first time, a massively flowy top that I ordered from Asos months ago (and it's been sitting in my closet) and booties.  The weather was warm (mid-twenties) and beautiful.  A true Indian Summer Thanksgiving.  And of course I ate a ton of food (yes, I went back for seconds, and yes I had not one but two pieces of pie) and enjoyed every bite.

* I bought this top/dress in a size large, hoping it would be flowy.  I got more than I bargained for as it's quite large.  I definitely should have ordered a medium but didn't want the hassle of making the exchange, etc.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving (and technically, today is too) and we had a huge feast at my in-laws place.  My MIL never fails to impress.  She cooked up all the favourites, including a new favourite, sweet potatoe pie (ever had it?).  There was nine of us and we all stuffed ourselves to the brim.  That's what Thanksgiving is about, right?  For dessert, again, she outdid herself and had four (!) desserts: pumpkin pie, brownies, pumpkin carrot cake and my personal fave (and request), coconut cream pie.  Yum!  Tonight we are going over for leftovers (how can you not?  And turkey is my favourite!) and I'm already pumped.
{ a little after-dinner fun}

{ showing off my cloodle }

Tonight I will stuff myself with the most amazing Thanksgiving feast.  I'm so excited!  My mother-in-law is making an incredible meal for us, slaving all day in the kitchen and I am so grateful!  She had us (all the kids) put in our requests for dessert several weeks ago, and I made mine known (pumpkin pie & coconut cream pie) immediately.  I so hope we have both because I plan on indulging.  Big time.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!

* Today is also 10.10.10!
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