It's a new month, so I'm sharing some of my favourite things from February.  The goal behind this series is to share pieces I truly loved and used a ton, not necessarily what is currently the hottest trend or product.

Last month I shared tech, fashion and beauty, and today I'm incorporating something I've been using to get organized, so let's jump in!

I wanted to start up a new series every month, sharing just a few of my favourites that I'm loving.  The goal is to share favourites that are new to me, maybe a little off the beaten path and not what everyone would be calling a favourite that month.  I'll share items from fashion, lifestyle, tech, beauty  and/or food.

Today I have four things I've been using non stop last month, and am continuing to use them so had to share.  I shared my December Favourites in a video last month, if you'd like to see.

First up, from the tech world...

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