On Thursday night, Sarah and I got together at her place for dinner and an early Christmas gift exchange.  She made pasta, I brought poorly wrapped gifts, and we had a merry time.

Sarah had (ahem) bragged that she got me 'the perfect gift', which stressed me out to the max trying to return the favour, so to speak.  She ended up getting me a beautiful (over-six-feet-tall) wooden and metallic giraffe (to replace this guy) and it really was the perfect gift.  I got her a couple pairs of shoes (Guess & Dolce Vita), a few pieces of costume jewelery, long gloves and a nutcracker she was coveting (which turned my gift, as well, into 'the perfect gift'; or so she said).

I'd love to share some photos with you...

                                                                    Before & After

My friend's wife, Tahmina Miah, is starting her make-up business and so I went to see her to get mine done for a Christmas party yesterday.  I requested a bold, smokey eye and a pink lip. 

She totally nailed it and I was in awe of how cool my eyes turned out (talk about a blending genuis!).  If only I could do my make-up like this on my own (ha!).

(click photos to enlarge)

Outfit deets:  Jessica Simpson dress, J.Crew bubble necklace, unknown tights, Liliana pumps (close-up) & vintage (thrifted) clutch.

The Christmas holidays for me this year included lots of family, sleeping in every day, far too much food and plenty of good times.  I'd love to share with you some highlights of my 10 days off...
I kicked off my holidays right by staying in and ordering Indian take-out.  The butter chicken wasn't the best, but that fact that I didn't have to venture out was a big plus.
The following morning, Christmas Eve, my sister and I hosted a birthday brunch for our Dad at her place.  We made breakfast burritos (the birthday boy's request) and roasted potatoes and served vanilla and chocolate cake for dessert.

My sister and her fiance recently got a new puppy and named her Piper.  Needless to say, I'm an obsessed Auntie.
That night, my sister and I headed over to our parent's place (tradition) where my mom had a massive spread of treats and goodies (I brought those ginger cookies I love).  We pigged out and had a great time before all heading off to bed around midnight.
On Christmas morning, we awoke to a continuous snowfall (so pretty).  We raced into the living room to see what Santa brought us (and Santa didn't disappoint!).
After we open our stockings, we always have breakfast before moving onto the presents.   My mom made the (Pillsbury) cinnamon buns and croissants that my sister brought and I made everyone Mimosas. 
We spent the rest of day lazing around, playing with our new gifts (yes, that is my new Michael Kors watch - a gift from my parents!  Eep!  So excited!) and of course prepping dinner.
For Christmas dinner we had turkey, stuffing, mashed carrots/turnip, sweedish potatoes, corn, peas, tomato aspec & broccoli salad.  It's my favourite meal.  Ever.  Much later in the night, after my grandparents had left, my Dad broke out his mad bartending skills and made us all ceasers.
In the days that followed Christmas, the weather got worse and we were dumped with a lot more snow (but it was quite pretty).
I met up a with an out of town friend at a new-ish Italian place and we both enjoyed the manicotti.  Afterwards, I did a little shopping and picked up the off-white top from Old Navy (among other things).  A couple days later I attempted to make bite-sized baked brie (but they didn't exactly turn out great).
For NYE I headed up to cottage country where there was lots of relaxing (by the fire reading my newested borrowed book), card and board games were played, curried shrimp poutine was eaten, and the scenery was beautiful.

Overall it was a great Christmas and so nice to have an extended vacation.  Hope your Christmas was as wonderful!

As mentioned, I played an Elf on Christmas Eve Eve (last day of work).  Employees are encouraged to bring their kids to work on that day and seriously, when the kids saw Santa, they went nuts.  Totally adorable.

 Vintage (thrifted) blazer, Sirens top, H&M pants (last seen here), borrowed hat & target flats

The two main comments that day were, 'That's the tallest elf I've ever seen' and inquiries about whether or not I was in costume.  I was not.  All clothes were from my closet (ha).

 Max Studio top, Sirens shorts, unknown tights, Suzy necklace & ring & Bay ring

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas, I sure did!   My sister and I compromised and decided on a 9am start time for Christmas morning.  I got up, showered, and proceeded to put on my comfy clothes (why did I shower?  I packed an outfit to wear for unwrapping presents and ultimately decided I wanted to wear sweatpants and a hoodie.  Still works).  

I headed downstairs where my parents and sister were waiting to me.  We went into the living room to see what Santa brought us and he was good to me, that's for sure!  We then took a break, at cinnamon buns and croissants and drank coffee (which later turned into mimosas).  Then we got busy unwrapping our gifts and I have to say I have been spoiled and am very, very blessed (I'm going to do a post on the gifts I was fortunate to receive).

We lazed around that afternoon, reading our magazines, trying on new clothes, playing with new gadgets, etc.

After hours in sweatpants I changed into the above outfit (and did my hair) for Christmas dinner.  My grandparents came over and we stuffed ourselves.  More conversation and good times after dinner (which included more baked treats, thanks to my mom) late into the night.  I then proceeded to do some pre-Boxing Day online shopping late into the night and finished watching, 'What's Your Number' online (cute movie, the book is better, obviously).

I have to say it seems kind of funny posting an outfit without shoes, however, I wasn't leaving the house and we aren't wear-your-shoes-in-the-house kind of people (yuck.  I'm a bit of a germaphobe so the idea of wearing shoes in the house grosses me out.  Think of where you and your shoes have been... gym locker room, in your car, restaurants... public restrooms... 'nuff said), hence the no shoes.  If I was going out, I'd likely wear black pumps or ankle booties.

Merry Christmas!  Joyeux Noel!  Feliz Navidad!

Today is my favourite day of the year and are there traditions in my family, you ask?  Oh are there traditions.  

My sister and I always sleep over at my parent's place on Christmas Eve (also my Dad's birthday).  We share a bed and she complains I always try to cuddle her and I complain that she won't let me.  She wakes us all up uber early, like criminally early for a day off (we discuss this the evening before hand and the negotiating begins, 'We're getting up at 7am!'  I retort with, 'How about 11am?'  We eventually meet somewhere in the middle) and we all head into the living room to see what Santa brought us and open our stockings.  Then we eat breakfast (croissants, cinnamon buns, fruit and mimosas) which we basically plow through in order to get back to the living room for the good stuff: presents!  Then we spend the next few hours opening presents, listening to reggae Christmas music, taking pictures and laughing at my Dad's wrapping attempts (sorry Dad).

Later on, my grandparents will come for dinner and we'll have a huge (turkey) feast, which is my favourite meal of the year.  We will all eat so much, lots of moaning and groaning will occur within five minutes of the meal ending, but ultimately, we will all be very happy.

Do you have simple Christmas traditions you repeat year after year?  Share in the comments below!  

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, a happy holiday season.

I have Christmas stress.  

Okay, it's not terrible, as my shopping is all done, but the wrapping. 

Oh the wrapping.  

It's haunting me.  Taunting me.  And it's getting later and later with each minute.  I have to do all my wrapping tonight.  I slacked off last night (but did finish my shopping) on the wrapping as I promised I'd do it tonight.  

And now, here I am, totally procrastinating.  

On top of that I need to make a quiche for tomorrow's work potluck and some peppermint bark to give as gifts.  I figured taking several minutes to post about this, instead of getting busy, would be the smart thing to do.   Wish me luck.


I'm all done my wrapping.  The quiche is made.  There is no peppermint bark (oh well, it was the lowest priority).  I'm exhausted.  It's only taken four hours.  Phew.

I have seen these 3D paper snowflakes around (mainly the office) and had no idea how they were made until my girl friend shared the recipe, er, simple how-to.  I think these would be so pretty in various colours of paper and sizes.  

I made the one above and hung it in my office (from the blinds).  Next I plan to make several different sizes (likely all in white) and hang them from the ceiling in my front foyer to add some holiday cheer.

I have recently moved and really don't have enough space for a large Christmas tree, like in years past, however, was feeling pretty down about not having a tree.  The thought of not really decorating for the holidays is sad, especially since I love to do it (but again, minimal space).  

After having a bad day on Monday, and venting to my sister, she showed up at my office on Tuesday with a wrapped gift.  I eagerly unwrapped my present to find this sweet (three-foot tall) white Christmas tree (with lights)!  

She bought it for me along with some feather ornaments (I've been coveting a feather tree from Bouclair for two years now) to stick in my tree, since those feather trees are damn expensive.  How sweet is that?  And just like that, she made my year. 
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