Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3D Paper Snowflakes

I have seen these 3D paper snowflakes around (mainly the office) and had no idea how they were made until my girl friend shared the recipe, er, simple how-to.  I think these would be so pretty in various colours of paper and sizes.  

I made the one above and hung it in my office (from the blinds).  Next I plan to make several different sizes (likely all in white) and hang them from the ceiling in my front foyer to add some holiday cheer.



M.R. said...

wow- beautiful! I love decorating with snowflakes- they're so pretty!


Mrs. Williams said...

I love these. I wonder if anyone will notice me making them at my desk... haha

jamie said...

I am SOOO gonna do this! What a fun idea! I have been going back and for do I, don't I decorate my apartment for xmas (feeling a little grinch-like) but I decided to throw a holiday soiree for my close girlfriends which is forcing me to embrace my favorite time of year w/o you know who (although ahem...brawling again..shocking I know lol) My Christmas plan is to stay put. The flights to Florida went up and continue to do so...it's just not worth it. I can work if I don't go anywhere which will allow me travel time when he gets home. While staying put I plan to consume massive amounts of wine!


Schnelle said...

SO pretty!

I am Khatu said...

cool dude!

Taj Acosta said...

Very pretty! xx

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