Happy Friday ladies!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I've been out for half the week with a terrible cold, so hopefully I'm finally starting to kick it.  We are having friends over for a holiday dinner tomorrow night and Sunday will be a relax day.  Hope you have a great weekend & here are some fun links from around the web...

The secret weapon for your next move.

10 Dads that are killing the Snapchat game.

Love this bikini #ineedavacation

Since being sick, I've ordered this twice...

Finally, my first newsletter is going out today!  So excited to share fun, new things with you guys, plus recaps of things happening on my social media.  You can sign up here for the weekly email, if you'd like

Photo of me in the new condo that closed this week.

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Who is ready for the weekend?  Me, me, me!

What are your plans?  Tonight we are going to see the new Hunger Games movie (I'm all caught up as of two nights ago), and Saturday we are heading to Kingston to visit Marco's family.  I'm also super stoked to pick up my new curling iron at our US postal box on the way; will share more in a video tutorial soon.

Have a great weekend!

Can't wait to go here next weekend.  Memories of last year here.

The final product of my Holiday photoshoot for Place d'Orleans.

Beautiful, ridiculously expensive lamp.

Shopping for my nephews; how adorable is this sweatshirt?

This kid's video is on point.

The perfect Christmas party dress.  #gasp

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here...

Photo taken at the Booby Ball last week.  See more with our friends here.

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Happy Friday & welcome to the weekend!

This week has been pretty outstanding, mainly because I was in the delivery room as my best friend gave birth to her second child.  Her husband and I were there, along with nurses and the Doctor, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life, naturally.  

We had planned for me to be there, so I had been anxiously awaiting the call and it came Tuesday evening.  By the early hours of Wednesday, there was a new babe hanging out with us--what a sweetheart!  Definitely an incredible night and so special she let me share it with her.  You can see a photo of us here.

For the weekend, tonight I'm heading to the Booby Ball with some friends, which I'm totally stoked for.  If you're going, I'd love to meet you so please come and say hi!  On Saturday I will be checking out the new Forever 21 Red at Place d'Orleans (hello jeans for $9?!) and gearing up for a video with all my purchases so stay tuned.

Have a great weekend!

"I had a miscarriage."  Three women share their stories.

My newest haul video: cold weather layers.

This is me before a party.  #thetruthisfunny

20% off at All Saints (code: NOVEMBER); swooning over this jacket & this coat.

A funny take on Adele's Hello.



Happy Friday & welcome to the weekend!  I'm definitely ready for sleeping in and relaxing a bit.  I'm planning to film a video this weekend and just take it easy.  Next week I'm re-starting the Article Club and we will be reading this one if you'd like to share your thoughts.  Have a great weekend!

I'm giving away two tickets to the Booby Ball in Ottawa for next Friday!

So pretty.

9 Snapchat tricks you might not know.

Simple but handy etiquette tips.

Just picked up these & it's like you're wearing nothing at all!

Why girls should get strong, not skinny.

Loving this song.

Revealing portraits of heavily tattooed people.

(Photo of a common dinner at our place: chicken rice bowls with mixed greens, black beans & random veggies or whatever I can find in the fridge thrown in.  Topped with tons of Sriracha and an over-easy egg.  Cheers!)



Happy weekend ladies!  I'm know I'm a little late with the Friday Finds; we had a birthday dinner that went late on Thursday night and Friday was super busy.  

We ended up having a bunch of friends over Friday evening to watch the Jays game too, which resulted in Marco's famous chilli and some amazing apps brought by friends.  This weekend we are out of town visiting family & staying toasty indoors.  Hope you're having a great weekend!

Get in my closet.

There was an election in Canada this week.  This made me LOL.

On privilege.  (Wow)

How cozy is this blanket?  Reminds me of this Instagram.

Visiting Ottawa; how beautiful is this AirBnB?

This makes me want a (faux) maroon fur.

An easy way to save money.

We recently watched this movie; love it like the series.

Really love this parka.

Who likes rap music?  #raiseshand

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Happy Friday friends--what ar your weekend plans?  Tonight we are going to see Kevin Hart (so excited!) and tomorrow there is a party with friends.  Hope you have a great weekend!

We went to a wedding last week and got a pic with the bride.

If this doesn't make you Jays fan...

What a muscle building day of meals looks like.

This made me LOL hard.

My friends say I need this watch.

How much sleep do you need?  I need a lot, but am a total night owl.

28 ways to enjoy pumpkin errrthang.

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(Photo of that topknot thing I'm currently enjoying).



Happy Friday everyone & happy Thanksgiving weekend to my Canadian girls!  This weekend we are hosting Thanksgiving for everyone for the first time.  Last year we kind of hosted, but we missed the real Thanksgiving because we were in Barbados

This year, 11 people and the whole shebang--should be interesting.  I love to host, but it always makes me a little crazy before the guests arrive.  Marco is amazing though, and always takes the role of head chef while I frantically run around stressed out trying to hold it together.  Ha!  Hope you have a great weekend!

This is a Thanksgiving staple in our family.

I love these fringe iPhone cases.

21 ways to look like a blogging pro.

Layers done right.

What a cute Etsy shop.

Love this side-slit sweater (affordable too!).

Some Halloween costumes over the years.

Just pre-ordered this amazing cat bed for Eve.  #officalcatlady

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(Photo of warmer, patio weather, at Pure Kitchen).


Happy Friday!  It's October, which actually might be one of my favourite months, if I think about it.  I really love Fall, the fashion is the best & the temperatures are kind of crisp and fresh.  Plus, Thanksgiving--my favourite meal--and Halloween are coming which is just awesome, so there's that. Lastly, coffee, so much better in the Fall, right?  Yes. 

What are you up to this weekend?  Marco and I going to spend the weekend with his Mom.  I'm looking forward to seeing her, our nieces and nephew and wearing my new boots.  Hope you have a great weekend!

I want this in my closet so bad.

Love this Instagram account & girl for workout moves.

How beautiful would this affordable dress be for a bride for her shower or bachelorette?

This made me LOL.

I've made these healthier oatmeal cookies twice this week.  #unrealgood

Ever thought about lip injections?  Interesting to hear about someone's experience.

But first...  

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(Photo taken earlier this week with no filter!  Unreal sunset.)


Hi ladies, I know I've been MIA this week, and didn't get the Friday Finds up last week, but it's due to some terribly sad news.  Marco's Dad passed away suddenly and we've been out of town all week.  It was a total shock and we are completely devastated.  He was taken from us far too young and our hearts are broken.  While I did bring my computer with me, I couldn't bring myself to write anything, until now.

I wasn't sure how to bring it up here, but didn't want to not share it as I consider you my friends.  I've been doing my best to stay in touch via social media, but blogging was something my heart just couldn't get into this week.  That said, I thought today would be the best way to share the sad news, but also spread a tiny bit of happiness with some fun links around the web.

Thanks for your understanding & hope you have a great weekend.

How to eat healthy on a budget.

Our friends got married & we came back for the night to celebrate.

I'm a sucker for tea towels & love these ones.

Poutine Fest.  Yes.

Loving peep-toe booties for Fall & just picked up these.

What do you do for alone time?

We are thinking of hosting Thanksgiving, I'd love to get these napkins or these ones.

My newest Instagram crush.

Great price for a fun statement heel (plus it's 25% off right now).

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How has your week been?  I'm looking forward to some social time this weekend.  Tonight I'm having dinner with my out-of-town cousins and tomorrow we are celebrating a friend's birthday at El Furniture Warehouse, a new spot in town that is apparently awesome--and doesn't have a website.  

Hope you have a good one!

Tips on bringing Fall into your home..

This would look so pretty under a backless top.

16 ways to cook quinoa (whoa).

Great date conversation topics.

Loving vests for Fall.

A standing wheel chair.  Wow, love this.

Putting this on my Christmas wish list.

Tarzan Boat?  I'm in.

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My favourite place for tacos in Ottawa.

(Photo from dinner at Milestones with my bestie a few weeks back).


Happy Friday!  How has your week been?  I'm so excited for the weekend, a long one at that!  Marco and I will be celebrating our anniversary and we are going away.  I'll share more on that when I return on Tuesday.  

Hope you have a great weekend!

Pretty stud earrings.

How well do you see the colour purple?  Tougher than I expected!

Love the back of this bralette.

Clearly having a moment with these jeans.

These two are so cute.

27 cool bucket bags under $150.

Love all the furniture here.

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(Photo of a small corner in my small office)

Hi ladies!  I know I've been extremely M.I.A. this week, and to be honest, I've been experiencing a ton of--what I like to call--bloggers block.  Really wasn't sure what to post, I didn't have any outfits lined up since I was away last weekend and ultimately, just felt blah.  I hate leaving this space blank, but we should be back up and running normally next week.  Thanks for sticking by me.

Can you believe it's the last Friday of August?  I keep saying that today--it feels unreal.  I know we all say this but, 'Where did the Summer go?'.  What are your plans for the last weekend in August?  We have literally nothing planned, and since being away last weekend, the weekend before and going away next weekend, it's good to have some down time.  Something always comes up, is what I say, so I'm happy to lay low or spontaneously do something. 

Hope you have a great weekend!

My August playlist.

Thinking about ordering these boots for Fall.

The coolest way to increase road safety.

Feeling this track.  #sorrynotsorry

The other day when I was paying at Winners, the guy cashier folded my t-shirt like this.  Impressive!

Love everything about this look.

Just scooped up these flared jeans.  I love the button fly & x-long length!

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(Photo of this bag; jeans are by Silver & slides are Zara from Italy)

Friday, Friday, it's finally here!  How's your week been?

Mine has kind of flown by and I'm so excited for the weekend because tomorrow I'm heading to Montreal with a 11 ladies for a bachelorette party--remember the shower I threw?  We are going to lay pool side, sip fun drinks, have an awesome dinner and dance the night away.

You can follow along on Instagram if you'd like--I'm @acoest1984. Hope you have a great weekend!

Made me laugh.

What a great & telling quote.
I'm looking for an oversized weekender bag.  I purchased this one for Marco last year for his birthday and love it, but can't bring myself to buy the same one.  Suggestions?

An awesome dupe for the Stuart Weitzman OTK flat boots.

Décor-wise, I love everything about this.

Thinking I need this book.

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(Photo from an evening this week after having to re-film an entire video that was out of focus.  Smiles because it's complete now--ha!)

Hello ladies, what are you up to this weekend?  We took today off and are headed up to a cottage for the weekend with a bunch of friends.  Can't wait to sleep in, eat BBQ, enjoy the water and just hang out.  Hope you have a great weekend!

This spot in Ottawa for lunch during the week (how beautiful is their new website?!).

Want these so bad (clearly this is an addiction).

Made me laugh.

...and on the flip side, my friend talking about social media addiction on tv (and sharing some cool apps to track yourself).

Love everything about this look.

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(Aldo sunglasses, similar ones here)

Hello ladies and happy Friday, we made it!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I'm hosting a bridal shower tonight and visiting Marco's parents in Kingston tomorrow for the day.  We are also planning on checking out Taco Fest in Ottawa, which should be fun like last year.  Have a great weekend!

How beautiful are these moon coasters?

I love this video; the perfect difference between empathy vs. sympathy.

How to write a condolence note.  This moved me to tears.

I love this commercial.

Loving this for Fall to kick your outfit up a notch.

I'm on a new shoe kick.  #seewhatIdidthere

What I wore to Taco Fest last year.

I've been obsessed with this coffee for over six months.

I made a kimono.

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(Photo of dinner at Ministry of Coffee).

A sweet feature one of my blogger friend's did on her fave Canadian blogs.

The easiest (and chicest) sangria recipe.

These memes made me LOL.

This post encouraged me to finally bite the bullet and purchase the open-storage basket I was coveting (how cute are #9 & 11 though?).

Reminds me of high school.

I'm doing a photoshoot with Place d'Orleans next week!  Here's what happened last time...

Twitter for beginners.

Chic nail art.

No-bake vegan banana cream pie--yum.

A pretty piece for Fall (not ready!).

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(Photo from this outfit post).

Happy Friday ladies!  The weekend is finally here and we are planning on having wine & cheese with friends tomorrow night, and I'm going to film a video on make-up strobing--I'm obsessed with this new trend, especially for Summer!

} catch(err) {}I wanted to start a new tradition for Fridays where I share some fun links from around the web that I'm enjoying.  I know plenty of people do this, but sometimes it's fun to discover things through someone else, right?  I'm down, hope you are too, so let's jump in...

Officially obsessed with this home-décor blog a friend turned me onto this week (have you seen the entry way revamp?!).

Just purchased these in two colours.

Been using this eye cream nightly for over a month and love it.

Loving the look of jute rugs and have my eye on this one for our living room.

An interesting article on making a living via blogging.

Loving everything about this.

Hellooo tasty Summer dessert.

You ladies know I love my hi-tops & these are my newest gym shoe.

Flared overalls?  Yes.

Covetting this dress hard for a wedding this September (but not sure it's long enough for me; I'm 5'11).

A pretty mobile.

My newest YouTube channel obsession.

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(Photo of these shoes, a great dupe for the splurge).
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