Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Saturday I hit the gym with Marco and then we ran some errands and I headed home to clean my apartment--what a mess!  Melissa came over for dinner and we had a really nice time with each other and wine.
Outfit deets:  Winners jacket & sweater, La Senza trapeze tank (black), Urban Planet leggings, Aldo boots (my shortened ones) & cross-body / clutch.

Sunday morning pre-workout.  Chilly mornings and days lately so I'm bundled in a scarf and hoodie.

Workout done--can't see the smile, but it's thur.

Home-made sausage & veggie omelet.

Sunday afternoon I headed out to PDO to finish up my shopping for my November video.  I didn't purchase this turtleneck from Roots but was tempted but the fit was off, for me.  I think thin, cotton turtlenecks are going to be big this year and if not, next year--so jump on it now to be ahead of the curve.

Sunday night dinner:  Marco made prime-rib sandwiches with sautéed onions, mushrooms, home-made gravy & havarti cheese.  #likewhoa 



Kelly said...

Those sandwiches look incredible! How did you manage to find a chef for a boyfriend?! ;) lucky girl!

Kate West said...

Did you know that you are nominated for a MIB award? I voted for you!

MelMac!! said...

Though Marco's meal looks incredible, Amanda is a mean chef herself! We should have taken a pic of your chicken creation but I was so excited to eat it, I forgot! Thank you again for a lovely meal :-)

A.Co said...

@Kelly: He IS a chef, I don't know how I managed to land him but I'm so lucky :) <3 Thanks for your super nice comments, ALWAYS.

@Kate: THANK YOU!! I'm excited!!

@MelMac: Hahah thanks, and I was too excited to snap a photo too...or of us (duhhh).

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