Friday, October 25, 2013

My Apologies

Earlier today I posted a blog post as part of my ongoing Halloween costume ideas series that some found offensive and/or inappropriate. I am very regretful that I’ve offended my loyal readers and others who came across the post.

I hope you understand that I did not mean to offend anyone and posted the idea with nothing but respect and good will towards people of Native descent. I received a number of complaints via comments and other social media posts and understand that it may not have come across as such.

Blogging is very much a learning opportunity and I promise I have learned from this experience. I do hope you’ll forgive me and continue supporting and reading my blog.

I very much value my relationship with Place d’Orleans, who sponsors a number of my posts. I am fortunate the mall grants me creative control over my content and we both apologize for the oversight.

Thank you for your feedback and concern and I assure you I feel awful about this situation. I welcome any further comments or concerns through email


Anonymous said...

I was not offended in any way, but thank you for posting this apology. It is well-written and I hope others take this as well as you intended your DIY to be.

I don't think personal attacks on you, your character, your blog, your posts, or the mall are warranted in any way. No one knows YOU as a person, and can be so quick to judge and throw out harsh comments when they jump on the "I am offended too" bandwagon.

If the people who approve your posts didn't forsee a problem or find it offensive, then they were in the same mindset as you, which was a cute/easy/fun Halloween costume idea.

I know you did not mean to intentionally hurt any feelings or offend anyone. If you thought in any way shape or form that this would be offensive and cause such a backlash, you would have NEVER proceeded with the DIY idea.

Let's move on everyone. Keep up the great work Amanda!!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Me and my people thank you.

Sherrilynne said...

Don't worry about it. You cannot be counted as a truly successful blogger until you've had at least one cease and desist notice. :-)

Anonymous said...

I saw the post and didn't see it as offensive in the least. Are little kids who want to dress as a historical "Indian"/Native American now considered as being offensive as well? Is dressing as any historical people now offensive?

I think your apology is very respectful, sincere, and heartfelt and I hope people receive it in that spirit.


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