Friday, September 6, 2013

VLOG | September 3 - 5, 2013

In this vlog I go shopping for my next Place d'Orleans fashion vlog, share some exciting news about my bff and tell a lie to get a better deal $$$ :P

Thanks for watching! xo


Car camera mount
Sarah is pregnant


Onyx - Exoplanet
RayRay & Jerm - Pretty Face & Electric Soul






VLOG CAMERA | iPhone 5 & iPad mini
EDITING SOFTWARE | Adobe Premiere Elements 11

This video is not sponsored...clearly.

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MelMac!! said...

Yay! Congrats to Sarah on her pregnancy! She will be a great Mom and you of course will be a wonderful Aunt :)

I would have totally done the same thing re: the boots. He put the student thing out there so as if you would turn down a cheaper price. Hope you post the 'after' of the boots!

Have a great weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Great video! Congrats on the news =)

I too have a terrible spider that has made its home in my outside CAR MIRROR!!! It's crazy, I keep trying to take down the web but that damn spider doesn't want to leave!!! Seriously creeps me out.

Alyssia Silverberg-Kaufmann said...

Where are Sarah's sunglasses from?

Sarah Palisek said...

Hey thanks all!! :) This little lady is SO EXCITED. Will keep you posted.

@Alyssia: my sunglasses are Tom Ford's ("Charles" in Gold) - which I totally SPLURGED ON, and LOVE THEM. I literally wear them everyday. had a sale on them and I couldn't resist (think I paid about $213 with tax and shipping, MSRP was $399 for them!)

Ashley said...

Can you do a video on how you curl your hair with your new hot tools curling iron? I bought one as well about two months ago and still really don't know how to use it properly.

A.Co said...

@Ashley: YES! Will do :)

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