Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What is your earliest memory?

I think my earliest memory is meeting my new sister in the hospital when she was born.  I remember wearing a blue and white mini-checkered pattern dress and being totally enamoured with her tiny feet.  Apparently I held her and didn't want to give her back.

Thinking back on this feels so special; my first memory is of my sister, what a sweet one.  And now that she is a mother herself--as of just over a week ago--it's almost surreal seeing how small we once were in these photos.

What is your earliest memory?



Anonymous said...

My earliest memory is visting my brother in the hospital after his surgery. I remember giving him $20 and then asking for it back later on...typical brother & sister I guess! Haha

MelMac!! said...

Uou two are so cute! You look the same Amanda now as you did as a kid; thank your parents for some great genes :-) My earliest memory is getting my diaper changed, believe it or not. I was walking at this point and I distinctly remember handing my Mom a diaper, laying down on the shag green carpet that we had and looking up at her while she changed me. Some people don't believe me when I say this, that it must have been a dream but I swear it is a memory and the most far reaching one still kicking around my old noggin'

Jules of Style said...

these are sooo cute! definitely reminded me of my childhood, thank you for sharing !


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