Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

What a weekend!  So jam-packed and fun filled, it just sparked some life back into me.  Sometimes I can be a very introverted person, which I know probably surprises some people to read that.  However, sometimes being social freaks me out and I just want to hole up in my apartment, usually with my man, and hang out just us two.  That said, if I push myself and go out, I often have an amazing time and feel more energized.  I'm not saying I never want to be social, only sometimes, and this weekend ended up being quite social and felt so great. 

Onto the recap...

On Friday night I picked up some groceries & beer and headed to my man's place.  I made burgers and a strawberry spinach salad for us (he did the grilling).  It turned out perfect and we watched some men's volleyball while we ate.  The perfect summer dinner (with beer; important not to forget that part).

For my mom's birthday she told my sister and I that she would like a birthday lunch on a patio with us two.  So, Saturday was that day and we took her to Jack Astor's.  This is what I wore, which was not planned as I had another outfit I was so excited to wear until my bf's cat peed in my overnight bag.  So.  Pissed.
Outfit deets:  D-Tox crop top (new!), DIY maxi dress & various bracelets (from bottom: garage sale, unknown, from my trip to Dominican Republic & F21 x 2).

I had the Kung-Fu Steak Salad.

Saturday night was so exciting; we attended the Governor General's Award Gala.  I had never been before (nor heard of it) but it was an evening of free food, drinks and a great time.  A friend works in advertising and got tickets and kindly took us all.  The awards ceremony was a little dull, to be honest, but the party before, during intermission and after into the wee hours of the night was so much fun. 
Outfit deets:  vintage dress, Walmart shoes (I'm not kidding; and purchased like eight years ago and this is the first time I've worn them & I love them...and so did everyone else-bonus!), Asos clutch (sold out unfortunately, but similar ish HERE) & Swarovski bangle.

A friend brought along a baguette for Baguette Me Nots photo-ops, too funny!  I'd never heard of the site but we got lots of funny shots. 


The next day I didn't bring another purse with me so out to breakfast with my feather clutch I went!
Outfit deets:  Thrifted Gap denim jacket (DIY bleached), Sirens dress (old) & G21 flats (old).

That afternoon I met up with a client for a wardrobe consult & edit.  We went through her closet, purged items & styled several different outfits for her to wear to work and on weekends.  It was very successful.  Our next session will be a shopping trip this week to add some staple pieces in so we can style more outfits to take her from work to weekend.
Outfit deets:  the same Gap denim jacket that I bleached years ago, Joe Fresh tee (old) , Sirens shorts (old), vintage necklace & Urban Expressions bag.

Sunday evening ended up being an impromptu date night with amazing thai food in my neighbourhood.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you have any recommendations on a good slip I can buy for under my maxi dresses? I finally found a maxi dress that I like (and that's long enough!), but I realize that I feel exposed with such thin fabric!! Does this happen with your maxi dresses/maxi skirts? Thank you!!

A.Co said...

@Anon: exciting you found one that's long enough! I sometimes feel maxi's are a little too thin, but have never worn a slip underneath. I would suggest getting one of those nude coloured silky/slippery knee length slips from Walmart (~$10) that will give you some coverage but don't be too warm (or expensive!). The silky fabric is key so the dress glides over it and doesn't stick (as it would with a cotton layer of something underneath).

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