Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday afternoon my bestie and I hit up Montana's for lunch and I ordered the steak salad (my fave because it comes with these little crusted-deep-fried jalepenos on top.  And steak, of course).

Friday night I did some shopping and picked up the things you see above plus more (which I will share in an upcoming vlog).  See me in the denim jacket HERE.

On Saturday, we played in a pairs volleyball tournament.  We played six games and went to the finals. We won our sixth game and placed first and got gold medals (such a surprise!).

...afterwards, we went out for burgers to celebrate.
"Lettuce, tomatoes, mustard & extra pickles please."

On Saturday night I went to a wine & cheese party... sort of... I say sort of because it turned into more of a wine & UFC party.
Outfit deets:  Marshalls top (can't remember the brand but it's new), Roxy denim (old) & H&M necklace (old).

A friend made these amazing canap├ęs with fois gras, goat cheese, cherry tomatos and a few other decadent ingredients.

On Sunday morning my bestie and I had plans to meet for breakfast.  She suggested we invite my parent's along since we were in the neighbourhood.  I didn't eat that toast.

Afterwards we hit up Value Village and did some scouring.  I'm going to vlog what I bought but here's what I wore (yes, those pants again, but I misplanned, ran late, wasn't home and blah blah blah.  I never re-wear items without washing them--kind of anal like that--so not sure what got into me here).
Outfit deets:  Men's G21 (Walmart) tee with rolled sleeves, Roxy denim, hi-top wedges, Urban Planet belt, H&M necklace & Pier 1 ring.

Sunday night was a rooftop and a BBQ and some new friends which was really fun.  Summer and warm weather is finally here and we all took full advantage of.

 My guy's best girl pal lives in a beautiful condo downtown and her balcony is awesome.
Outfit deets:  Old Navy tee (old), Max Studio skirt (I wore almost this exact outfit while picking up myu impounded car last summer.  Read that story HERE.) & Alfred Sung shades.

Grilled zuchinni, roasted potates & BBQ chicken.  #whodoesntlovesummer



Rebecca @ Thats So Pearl said...

First: It's lunch time here and I want that salad!

Second: You and your boyfriend look so cute together.

Last: How do you always manage to look so put together?! Hair, makeup,'re just adorable all the time!

A.Co said...

(1) That salad is soooo good, the dressing is even better (haha creamy deliciousness that is NOT healthy :P)

(2) Awwww :) He holds it down for the couple ;)

(3) I do?! Well THANK YOU!! I certainly don't feel like I'm always put together, so thanks (again!) xo

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