Thursday, July 8, 2010

DIY Dog Collar

While working on a new sewing project (a top), I was getting frustrated and ready to give up.  I wasn't ready to retire the sewing machine for the evening, and was trying to think of what I could make and not screw up (ie. end the night on a satisfied note) when Peanut ran by.  As I mentioned, we are dog sitting my family dog for a couple of days.  I thought she defintely needed a new collar, and I got busy.  Here's what went down.

Start with some slippery fabric (nylon)
(this was the lining from a thrifted skirt - which I specifically bought to take apart)

Cut a strip, about 4 inches thick

Serge the edges so it doesn't fray (or do a zig-zag stitch as I did)

Fold the fabric and start to sew the ruffle...


Grab some pretty ribbon...

...I sewed two together for a pretty look

Attach the ribbon to the ruffle




Lynzy said...

OH MY! How adorable!

XO Lynzy
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Jenn said...

OMG- Peans! She looks SO SO SO cute. Can't believe you made her such a cute & girly collar. I love it.

RaceforProsperity said...

that is the cutest thing ever

Fifth Sparrow said...

AWH!! That is too cute!

Anna Jane said...

Ohhhh, cutie! What a fun DIY.

Anna Jane

Elle Sees said...

awwwwwie! too cutes.

kirstyb said...

soooo cute xxxx

The Pretty Pauper said...


(The Pretty Pauper)
Feel free to check out my blog :)

Marcie said...

This is awesome! Your doggie is so cute and I love that collar!

Very creative!


Katie said...

Aww, Peanut looks adorable!

julianne. said...

oh my goddd, im inlove with this idea you amazingly clever girll.
and im also in lvoe with that doggg of yours, what a faaacee.<333

rk hall said...

I love your blog with all the DIYs!! Your doggy is a cutie patootie! Wonder if this collar is a good luck for a boy.. I think he will love it! haha

THX for stopping by my blog! Your comment was so sweet + made my day!!

xx rk

LyddieGal said...

Awww, what cute ruffles for the puppy! She's adorable!

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