Monday, March 1, 2010

Love Maegan

Oh the regret.  I am feeling super regretful (for donating four garbage bags full of clothes to my local GoodWill) thanks to (love) Maegan's site.  She has these amazing ways to DIY and make all sorts of fun, unique things ... with old clothes! 

I'm hooked.  Completely, totally, hooked.  On the top of my list to make are the following:



CorCor said...

Holy Moly!!!! Now that is some amazing DIYness!

If you like gotta also check out: It's--amazing.



Berlin said...

Diya said...

wow those ARE some amazing DIY!

and thanks for the shout out! sorry I've been so slow in getting back to comments... engineering classes = eek!

The Petite Blogger said...

thnx for ur comment on my blog!!!
and those are awesome DIY esp if made with old clothes!

xoxo jenna

Jamie said...

I always see reworked, remixed stuff and wish I owned a sewing machine! Those are some great pics. :)

Kate said...

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