Hi ladies!  Today I'm sharing my tips for packing for an all-inclusive vacation.  I've taken several trips down south, and I like to think it gets easier each time, but alas there is always some last minute packing going on over here.  

I also wanted to note that I pulled almost all of these items from my closet, versus going out and buying a whole new vacation wardrobe.  While the the pull to go on a shopping spree was real, we are saving hardcore for a house, so, I had to get creative with mostly what I had.  This isn't so much about the exact items in my luggage, but ideas on how to pack efficiently and stylishly.  Apologies I don't have all the same items to link but I am linking to super similar items and pieces I have on my wishlist!

So all that to say, I'm hoping to help you become more strategic in how you prepare for a week away, and I've rounded up all the items you need to bring to your next resort vacation + I've created an easy, printable, packing checklist to remove the guesswork.  So with that, hopefully this takes some stress out of the packing, let's jump in!

As you know, I was supposed to travel to Vegas last weekend for four days but had to cancel my trip due to falling ill.  Since I was all packed and ready to go, I thought it could be useful to share how I managed to pack everything into a carry-on suitcase!

As someone who tends to overpack, I can honestly say I was pretty proud of myself for narrowing it down to just one small suitcase and a duffle bag.  I discovered a few tips and tricks while packing for this trip too and wanted to share.

Click to see what's inside my suitcase...
Outfit deets (L to R ):
1.  Urban Planet romper (tucked into shorts), Bench shorts & Target bralette.
2. H&M tank, Sirens skort & Winners bralette.
3. Urban Planet romper, Only denim vest & Winners bralette.

While packing for Vegas I was mainly focussing on casual-ish day outfits that would work in extreme heat and pair easily with the gladiator sandals I brought.  I also didn't want anything too tight, clingy and figured sleeveless would be best.

Sure enough, it's a sorcher here and I'm glad I packed these fairly minimalistic outfits.  Additionally, I paired the majority of my outfits with bralettes instead of bras for comfort and breathability (and I'm kind of loving that look right now too).  Plus, since a lot of the outfits are somewhat revealing, in a casual way, it's a sweet way to pretty up any outfit with a peek showing.  

As I'm here for six days and five nights, I packed six day outfits, four evening outfits, two bikinis, four pairs of shoes and gym clothes (not shown).

I'll be sharing photos wearing these outfits so keep up on my Instagram if you'd like to see (I'm acoest1984).

Shoes (clockwise from top left):
Nike, Diba, Liliana & Zara

Bikinis (clockwise from top left):
American Eagle, Dynamite, Victoria's Secret, Ardene, Victoria's Secret

Outfit deets (L to R):
1. F21 tank, American Eagle skirt & Winners black racer-back bralette (not shown).
2. Sirens dress & Expressions by The Bay necklace.
3. Ardene tee & Sirens skort.

Night outfits (L to R):
1. Dynamite dress (new!).
2. Poetry Clothing top & Sirens skort.
3. Dynamite dress (new!).
4. Zara top (new!) & Urban Planet lace shorts.

I started packing around 11pm the night before we left and ended up pulling an all-nighter. Talk about procrastination, but I think I did alright (and we had to be at the airport for 5am). 

First up, outfits for dinner. I really wanted to find a sexy dress but to be honest, I'm much more of a separates girl (and didn't have any luck dress shopping). 

I started by planning the outfits but quickly realized putting the shoes above helped me plan two outfits per heels. I would have loved to bring more shoes but that's not really an option with weight limits. Four of the outfits are shorts--my jam--and two are skirts.   

For jewellery, I kept it fairly simple with statement necklaces and I'll wear the same studs every day and night. I wore a couple bangles on the plane that I can swap in too. The clutch is an oldie but goodie from Ardène that works with mostly everything despite being a print. 

I'll be sure to share outfit photos as I wear these. 

Shoes (left to right): Shoemint, Le Chateau & Liliana. 

This is the fewest bathing suits I've ever packed and I'm kind of happy. Less selection but my absolute favourites, plus I get to wear them more than once. 

Top photo (left to right):
* Victoria's Secret top & bottom
* American Eagle top & Victoria's Secret bottom
* Ardène hat

Bottom photo:
* Ardène top & bottom (wore this yesterday)
* Ardène top & Victoria's Secret bottom
* La Vie en Rose hat

For casual day clothes I packed the new overalls, a variety of shorts, the new kimono, a denim jacket (also worn to travel), an open knit sweater & two pairs of flat gladiators. The Converse kicks were worn to travel in and perhaps if we go somewhere off the resort (I'm just excited to rock these newbies outside, finally). 

I also packed a couple of black cover ups/dresses for easy access at the beach and pool. 

Working out on vacation is something I enjoy since I love eating and drinking and basically just indulging. I forgot to include my gym shoes in this photo but they came with me too. I packed shorts & tanks for the week along with my running skirt. 

What does one wear to Fashion Week?  I didn't know, and to only go for two days, not know what your itinerary is, nor what shows you're seeing, I am please with how well I packed--in a small rolly suitcase, might I add!

Since we were only going to Toronto for just over two days, I knew I would need two outfits for each day at Fashion Week (if in fact we were going both days, at the time, we did not know), something to wear around town, that would be comfy to travel home in, and of course the clothes I wore there.

I packed four pairs of shoes, as you can see above, which I thought was strategic and amazing.  C'mon, four pairs for two days, you know that's not easy, especially when you don't know what you will be doing.  I wore the hi-top wedges there, during our second day of sightseeing, and eventually to Fashion week (which wasn't planned), and on the plane home.  They are comfortable, stylish and can work with multiple outfits.

The Ash olive green open-toe buckle booties were perfect for our first day at Fashion Week.  I felt they were the edgy kick my on-the-chic side outfit needed, plus I was comfy on my feet for several hours.

The cap toe flats were worn once, when we had breakfast in the Diner of our hotel on the first day for breakfast (with leggings and an oversized t-shirt/tunic that I'm not showing you here), and sadly since it didn't work out for us to change after shopping for day 2, my cap toe heels never got worn.

Day 2 Outfit:
* Max Studio top which you've seen with dark denim skinnies & also for Christmas dinner 2011.
* Zara utility style pant which you've seen casually on the weekend.
* H by Halston cap toe pumps (from my trip to Vegas; haul video HERE).
* Accessories:  Joe Fresh necklaces (different seasons), Auslini bangle & F21 clutch/purse.

I never ended up wearing this outfit, sadly, as we didn't change for day 2 and just wore what we had on from our sightseeing and shopping.  I love olive green and rose gold together, and I felt the pretty silk top, heels and rougher style pants really paired well together.

Leopard accessories:
* Ardène chain-strap clutch/purse.
* Cleo pony-hair belt.

Day 1 Outfit:
* Jessica Simpson blazer with faux leather sleeves, which you've seen with tuxedo style pantswith a sequin skirt & with a leopard tunic.
* Urban Planet ruffle cami from my Spring Vlog.
* H&M waxed pants which are probably my most favourite pants, currently.  You've seen them at Thanksgiving, with my hi-top wedges, and with those cap toe heels up top.
* Ash booties that are definitely in my top 5 of all my shoes (but don't get the play they deserve; got to keep 'em fresh!) and you've seen them with black skinnies.
* Accessories:  Sirens geometric necklace, Joe Fresh bangles (both gifts from my sister) and leather & metal bracelet (a birthday gift from a dear friend).

Travel outfit:
* Dynamite faux leather jacket which you've seen with a red pencil skirt (in one of my most favourite outfit posts ever), with a skirt and flats & in a very old outfit post but I like it (and had forgotten about it).
* Unknown silk tunic with a Jules & James chiffon tank (with zipper).  I wore the chiffon tank over the silk one as the former is longer to cover my butt, but wanted some dimension with the chiffon.
* American Apparel leather-look leggings which you've seen with some bad-ass wedge boots (that I don't wear enough).  I actually ended up wearing my new snow-leopard skinny pants I bought at H&M with this outfit instead as seen HERE.
* Accessories: I re-wore the triangle necklace.

In case you missed it:

Today I leave for Dominican Republic!  And since we are going for a week, I packed 11 'night-time' outfits.  Naturally. 

Anyone who said packing was easy is lying.  Or maybe I just am really, extra terrible at it. 


The bottom line is, it's done and I'm happy with my oufits.  Ha.

I love to dress up my shorts at night with a fancier top, but threw in a few dresses and skirts aswell.  I tried to create new outfits I haven't worn before but creatively use things I already owned.  Since I was recently in Vegas, and styled many of my favourite outfits for that trip, I wanted to try to take different items for this trip. 

However, you might recognize that aqua, gauzy skirt from Vegas, the heart romper from the same trip and the pink shorts/black fox top combo from a night out this summer.

Here are some photos of what else is coming along with me...

Daytime outfits.

More daytime outfits (wink).
(The large hats were purchased for my sister's bridal shower, so I'm stoked to have 'em).

Heels for night time.

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