Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Saturday morning gym sesh: arm day.

I usually do arms (biceps & triceps) on Friday evening but had a birthday party to attend so skipped my workout.  I didn't take any photos at the party, but it was a really cool home-wine-tasting get together with plenty of delicious food as well.  

Post workout brunch at Salt.

We spent Saturday afternoon at our new friend's pad, on the rooftop pool soaking up the last days of summer.  As excited as I am for Fall, I am not looking forward to putting away my sandals and what comes after that (snow, ack!).

 More photos after the jump...

Later on, Marco and I grabbed Vietnamese food around 6pm.  We went home to change and get ready to hang out with a bunch of friends but apparently one too many drinks in the sun got the best of me and I ended up feeling pretty yucky and spent the night in bed.

Sunday morning I was still feeling a little off, so I just lazed around the condo while Marco went to workout.

I made myself some eggs, toast and coffee.

...and blended up an iced coffee later with the leftovers (coffee, ice cubes & light cream).

I spent the day cleaning the condo and leaving my disastrous closet out of the equation...

...until we decided to spontaneously invite a bunch of friends over that night which kicked my butt into gear to get it done.  Nothing like company coming to force you to clean.

I grabbed more basil from the rooftop garden for an afternoon snack...

...and later made fish tacos (super simple recipe) for an easy dinner.

Marco went out and grabbed some snacks and I prepared a cheese plate, veggies & dip, nachos and baguette with hummus for our guests (see our full living room here).

Waiting patiently for the chaos to ensue, and chaos did ensue and it was a great night where we stayed up till the sun rose!

Breakfast in a hazy state.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping on and off, watching Homeland before finally ordering dinner...

...Greek on Wheels.

The day was honestly a total write off, but worth it for the fun had the night before.

Around 10pm I said to Marco, 'You know what I could really go for?' and he responded with, 'Ice cream?'  Yes!! Very rarely is he on the same wavelength when it comes to snacks (he's much more a salty lover) so we drove over to the local McDonald's, grabbed hot fudge sundaes, and continued our Homeland marathon.

Thanks so much for reading, happy September (holy smokes!) and I'll have an August recap up tomorrow.  


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