Friday, May 16, 2014

Burgundy Skinny Pants with Nude Sandals

Outfit deets:
* H&M top (old).
* Sirens pants which you've seen in my profile photo and the outfit post it came from and in the winter with a beanie.
* Accessories: Aldo necklace & Michael Kors watch.

Sometimes, despite being someone who lives fashion, I can have mornings where everything ends up on the floor and nothing fits right.  I'd like to say I have a plethora of back-up outfits on hand, ready for when a fashion-block moment strikes, but I don't.  I usually resort to all black, with various textures, but it feels a little weird doing that in the Spring time.  

That said, I like to keep a 'Fashion Inspiration' folder on Pinterest for when I need a quick direction, although I usually just end up scrolling on and on and on, gazing at the beautiful photos instead of actually getting dressed.

This was definitely one of those mornings, and while I felt slightly defeated leaving the house in this outfit, I ended up getting several compliments and feeling pretty good all day long.

Any strategies you ladies use when having a case of I-have-nothing-to-wear!?

Photo by Serena Rivard (via my iPhone).


Judy said...

Love those shoes! I also love your top. Love the color and print. Great choice indeed!

Elizabeth said...

Love this outfit, especially the dark pants with some spring styling. It's inspired me to dig out my fall/winter oxblood pants for this cool spring weather :)

My favorite I-have-nothing-to-wear outfit (despite that never ACUTALLY being true) is my current favorite denim, my comfy and flattering grey v neck tee and whatever jewelry and interesting shoes catch my eye that morning. This combo takes the pressure off of fit/styling but still has interest. And hello, have you seen some of the adorable plain tee outfits on Pinterest? I die!

Unknown said...

I love your outfit!!! ♥

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