Friday, March 21, 2014

Mirrored Aviators + My Fave Jacket

Outfit deets:
* Dynamite jacket which I showcased in my Fall Fashion video (love this jacket).
* Urban Planet top (new!).
* Guess denim (old) which I let the hem down on few years ago to make them longer to wear with heels #tallgirlproblems
* Aldo wedges which you've seen with pink pants (a fave post).
* Accessories:  Michael Kors bangle (birthday gift), Swarovski bangle (birthday grift from years past) & Ardene sunglasses.
* FUN FACT:  this outfit was totally inspired by Ashley's outfit back in the Fall.

I'm standing at the site of my future condo!  As I mentioned, they have started progress and now that includes digging the hole--cool!

Last night I spent an hour at my old apartment packing up a few more things (I left behind a few things on move day that we decided I would go back for; my toaster, bedding, crock pot, liquor, and some furniture pieces I will be storing at my parent's place).  I took out a ton of garbage, swept the floors and stripped the bed.  I have the keys until the end of the month and think once it's completely cleared out, and I can walk away from that, I'll feel even more settled.

Additionally, I spent two hours unpacking and organizing the second bedroom two nights ago.  I emptied 10 boxes and found the shoes I wanted to wear to my birthday party--four days too late (of course).

This weekend, Marco's parents are coming down to see our new place, help him clean out his old place, and take a tv off his hands.  We also have a family dinner with my side, unpacking and hopefully some hanging of curtains--I seriously need a good sleep in!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by Serena Rivard.



spiffykerms said...

Twinsies! We have the same shades. Except mine are $3 from Ardene... WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE IN THE USA. I'm heartbroken.

Rebecca Jane said...

Love that necklace!

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