Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Shoes | Shoemint 'Romy'

Look what just arrived in the mail!  I ordered these back in August after coveting them all. summer. long. but they've been sold out since Spring.  I would check back every week and submitted my email twice to be notified if they came back in stock.  

So, really late one evening, I was in bed and decided to quickly check my email as a last distraction before falling asleep, and in came the email, 'Romy, back in stock!'  I did a little squeal, jumped out of bed and whipped open my laptop.

I actually debated for a solid 30 minutes if I should actually make the purchase; I felt a little guilty, to be honest.  However, I found a promo code and ended up hitting the purchase button.  Unfortunately, they took over a month to get here and now it's flipping cold and I need a pedicure.   Oh well, still stoked to have them and if I get sick of the nude colour, or they get dirty, I plan to paint them olive green or black with fabric paint.

* I promised myself I would practice my photography 15 minutes a day and it's been four days since my course and I hadn't practised once.  I must have taken 40 frames to get these two shots and I still don't know how to fix the yellow-ness of the majority of the photos I got, but these two turned out okay.

Happy Thursday!



Renee said...

You got the background blurry in the picture so, in my opinion, that seems like a win, win!

Oh, I just heard about the Ottawa train/bus collision. Am I right to say that's where you live?

LC said...

Did you check your ISO level and change it for being inside (increase ISO)?
Yay for practice!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Renee: :D Thanks for noticing! Mini accomplishment ;) ... and yes, that's where I live and it's such a tragedy. I did not know anyone on the bus (at this point) but it hits so close to home :( :(

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