Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What is your best physical feature?

Since we shared our biggest body hang-up last week (which can get a little depressing if you think about it too much), I thought this week we could lift ourselves up and share our favourite physical feature!  There has to be at least one thing you really love about your body, and ain't nothing wrong with that.

For me, isn't it obvious? 

It's my legs! 

No they aren't perfect but they are the one thing I tend to generally feel good about.  I love wearing short skirts and shorts and never shy away from showing them off.  I like the shape of them and when I'm getting down on myself, I try to reshift my focus to them instead to lift me up.  Additionally, despite working them out, I don't really feel it does much, they are just kind of good on their own.  I also know that if I'm having a fat day, I can throw on a flowy-style mini dress or top and still feel good about myself.

What do you love about your body?  Share!

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Catherine said...

Honestly, mine is my face. I think I have a beautiful face. I guess if I had to pick one specific physical feature it would be either my eyes or my lips, but generally I just love my face.

Melissa M said...

I am the same as you, my legs! Though I find as I get older that they are not as toned as they used to be but they still look great. Come on Summer, we need to bust out our cute wedge sandals and skirts to show our gams off!

Rebecca said...

I wish I had shapely legs! Mine are a couple of sticks, despite my constant attempts at making them more muscular. I suppose it could be worse, though. :) I would say my best features are my full lips and white teeth. I always get compliments on them! Great post to make us focus on the good things!!

Amanda_714 said...

Your legs are jealous. I would say my favorite thing about my body is my shoulders/collar bone. I know it sound weird but I have broad, but not too broad shoulders and a defined collar bone and love to show them off in strapless/tank dresses and tops.

Sharon Lei said...
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Sharon Lei said...

Your legs are amaze, indeedy!!! :)))

I think my smile is one of my best physical features. I mean, I am smiling in just about every single photo on my blog! Haha. And a smile also serves as a great and FREE accessory. tee hee. You know what they say, "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"

I also love my hair. I give good hair!!! LOL. I used to hate having so much of it, but now I love it now and I love how fast I can grow it.

xx Love & Aloha

Sarah Palisek said...

I would go with legs as well I think. Cankle-free, longish, toned and look great in skirts and dresses.

Legs for the win!

Jamie said...

Your legs are fab!! Legs are my favorite thing about my own body, too!

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