Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quinoa Cakes & Vegan Broccoli Soup

Joy the Baker is my favourite food blog.  Not only does she whip up amazing desserts, dinners, appetizers, cookies, cakes, breakfasts, soups and more, she's hi-larious.  No seriously, she is.  And witty, she's so witty she's makin' all the kids want to be just. like. her.  I have made several of her concoctions before (my fave ginger cookies are courtesy of her) and this time I took on two recipes at once.  At once!  Quinoa Cakes (with some stuff in 'em) and a Vegan Broccoli Soup.  And hot damn they were good.  Seriously, this girl knows what she's talking... er... cookin' about.  Don't take my word for it (or my photos, because not only  is girl a phenom chef, she takes extraordinary photos too), check her out.

* I modified my recipes a tad just because I didn't have a few ingredients.  Here's what I used in lieu:
Sage instead of cumin
Lime juice instead of lemon
No olives
Cilantro instead of parsley

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