Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Essie Nail Polish Review

I'm a huge OPI fan.  That's pretty much the only nail polish I will buy (because I've become a huge nail-polish-snob like that.  Ugh.)  However, since seeing Essie's Turquoise & Caicos on several bloggers last summer (I know, I'm so behind the times), I decided to take the plunge one year later.

I've never used Essie polish before and while it cost the same as my OPI normally does per bottle ($10), apparently I completely overpaid because the links above are much cheaper.  Le sigh. 

Onto the review!  I find the T&C isn't a super thick formula, so while I did my standard two coats, three might have given a solid coverage (but then that's five coats with base adn top coat - far too much work for me).  The Mink Muffs on the other hand (errr foot?) covered nice and opaque-ly with two coats.  Normally I'm not a fan of thin brushes, but I find the Essie polish to be a bit more liquidy than OPI and thus a think brush is fine as it covers easily since it spreads well.  The lasting power isn't bad, certainly comparable to OPI.  As far as the shades go, I like their collections but find OPI has a bit more dimension to their colours. 

Verdict:  I'd buy it again, but still reach for OPI first.



agnes said...

elles sont très jolies ces couleurs, j'aime bien les deux

Anonymous said...

Soooo happy you are back to posting regularily!!! You have been missed! Hope everything is ok??????

Loren said...

ohhh, I love the mint colored polish, so chic! :)
Glad you're back! I missed not reading you everyday.

Meg said...

I love the Turquoise & Caicos color but was a little disappointed that it required more than 2 coats. It seemed a little runny compared to other Essie shades.

Christie Ressel said...

I have both of those colours also! Perfect for summer. Love my OPI also.

Fashion Translated

Isabel said...

im def not a nail polish snob. i will try literally anything. one of my faves is joe fresh. cause for 3/$10 you really cant go wrong. also my opi colours are literally the only ones that ever dry up. i have a lot of $1 bottles i bought in korea and 21/2 years later they are still fine but not the OPI ones. for $10 a bottle i think they should last longer. if you are ever in toronto go to the beauty supply store (maybe its called the beauty depot, cant remember :S) . they sell essie for 6.95 which is a steal i think!

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