Friday, August 12, 2011

3 is Better Than One

 Joe Fresh cardigan, Mexx dress, Jules & James flats, Le Chateau pashmina,
A.Co Designs key necklace, F21 bangles & Bay ring

Three patterns are better than one, wouldn't you agree?  I got so many compliments on this outfit - people seem to really be digging the mix of prints (did I really just say 'digging'?).  It's pretty basic as it's all black and white, but a great way to incorporate the mixing-prints-trend into your look. 

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my return to the world of blogging.  You are all so sweet and it's much appreciated.  I'm doing well.  I know I promised you all a give-away, and I haven't forgotten; I promise to get that up early next week. 

In other news, the weekend is here, my new shoes arrived in the mail yesterday (I will post those tomorrow), I have recently had a ton of luck in the purse-shopping-department (so rare for me, I've been using the same bags for years now with the odd addition here and there, and then I find like, four in the past three months - unheard of) and it's still Summer (for those of you wishing away the Summer and craving for Fall, please stop.  It's especially disheartening for someone like yours truly who lives in winter for, oh, about eight months of the year).  Okay fine, I'm secretly excited for faux fur, layers, leggings, breaking out my (faux) leather jackets, jeans tucked into boots (and boots for that matter), hot beverages, crisp evenings and spiced candles.  But I can wait.



Isabel said...

love it! i might not have thought to put them together but they def work :)

Melissa {Persnickety Plates} said...

You teased me with the link to the key necklace! Any chance you'll be making more? LOVE it.

jentine said...

3 patterns! You minx! I am secretly excited for fall too but then I remember that long phase in my life called winter...ugh

Maren said...

I agree about people wishing summer away; I don't like it either! I like in Minnesota, so I understand living in a winter wonderland for 6-8 months out of the year. Enjoy every last minute of summer!

Sarah Palisek said...

I saw you wearing this bold outfit on Friday and thought, "you go girl!" ha ha. Loved it, Love you and Love your style and flare. You inspire me Conqs.

Emily {tomorrow never knows} said...

howdy neighbor!
you look a-do-ra-ble. i think the fact that these prints are very similar yet different make it work so well. and that pop of red. big time crushing.
And I as well cannot WAIT to tuck my pants into my boots.

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