Thursday, May 5, 2011

Consign This

 Lapis jacket (last seen here), Joe Fresh top, Smart Set cami, H&M jeans, Aldo wedges (last seen here),
Vieta bag, F21 necklace & bangle, gifted Auslini bangle & BCBG beaded bracelet & Swarovski bangle

So I know I mentioned at some point before that I was going to consign some of my clothes.  I've never really done much of this before, I always just donate my clothes to the GoodWill or Salvation Army (of course I let my girlfriends go through the stuff beforehand if they want), but this time I thought I'd try my hand at it.  There is a chic consignment store I like in an 'up-and-coming' (or perhaps 'already up') neighbourhood that takes items that would actually be in my closet (aka non-designer) but still have slightly higher standards than your average consignment shop.  I dropped off close to 40 items in March and knew they'd be on the floor, for sale, for two months.  I called the other day to see what my account balance was at and... I made $140!  What a score!  I was ecstatic.  I went to the store, checked out their inventory and eventually cashed out.  I'm a true consignment believer now and plan to always do this.  Have you ever consigned anything?  Are you strictly a donater?  I'd love to hear.



Jen said...

You're seriously so gorgeous!!! I am jealous. And I like how you`ve managed to make a basic outfit look stylish with a pretty printed top and those beautiful wedges. Anyway, I have been consigning for years but either the things in my closet are getting uglier or the consignment shops I choose are getting pickier. Yesterday I tried to drop off about 10 pieces and they only took 2. I still am a big believer in it as I have earned a substantial amount from it before, but I guess I have to search for a new one to consign at now! :)


this free bird said...

Conrats on your score!! That's freaking awesome. I have this place in my neighborhood and it's run by a bunch of dirty hipsters who only want designer like marc jacobs, elizabeth and james, etc. I don't have slouch stuff, but hey all my stuff isn't major brand name like that - they totally give me the stink eye.


Lucky you!!


Anonymous said...

140$! That is awesome! I'm not sure that I actually have anything worth consigning. . .

So I was reading your Formspring the other day and you listed where you buy shoes (and I know you have told me before but I didn't save the links and never remembered) Anyway, I went through and found like 200$ on each site. . bad! I haven't purchased yet, because I'm always leery of buying online for sizing, but man oh man there are so so so many shoes I want!!

Diana said...

I've always been one to donate, but I tend to not buy really high-end things.

We have a local consignment shop that sells designer. Their "lowest" end is Banana Republic, but also carry really high end things that you usually will only see celebrities sporting. Two of the girls I work with are constantly raving about it, but I've yet to check it out...mainly because I'm afraid I'll get myself into debt if I step foot in there!

Lali said...

Love your outfit. :)

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