Friday, April 8, 2011

I Could Be Your Treble...

Dynamite jacket (last seen here), Joe Fresh top, American Apparel dress (last seen here), Sirens leggings, xxx booties (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, Suzy necklace, H&M bangle & Gucci shades

Happy Friday my friends!  It's finally here, the weekend - breathe easy.

I finally sat down at my sewing machine last night and ... sewed.  Yes, I actually focused.  And guess what?  I'm about to cross of #5 off my April resolutions list (whoomp there it is).  No. Big. Deal.  And don't fret my friends, I will be sharing the wealth, and by that I mean taking some photos and showing you... I'm keeping them for myself though, sorry (I'm not that wealthy).  

Secondly, I went for that test drive I was telling you guys about.  It was awesome; the car is sick and really fun to drive.  However, the V6 is just more power than I need... okay, that's not true, it's the high gas prices and gas guzzling consumption I'm worried about.  Engine power?  Pshhh.  Gas prices?  Eeek.  So, I've decided the four cynlinder is a better option, but am taking my time to ensure everything is right.  I haven't ruled out other options but won't be making a decision right away.  Car shopping to me is scary and exciting, all at once.  Anyone else out there shopping for a new (or used) car?

 I could be your treble, baby, you could be my bass. 
It's getting bigger.  The bass is getting bigger.


Christie said...

I would grab the V6 engine. The only reason I say that, is because my fiance and I just got a new SUV with V6 -- and someone else in our family has the exact same truck with 4 cylinder. We spend less $$ on gas than they do because our engine doesn't have to work as hard to move quickly, carry weight, etc. That's my suggestion anyway. ;) Have fun picking out a car -- very exciting!

Jamie said...

I have an SUV that is a 4 cylinder and I get about 300 miles on a 15 gallon tank. Not to shabby!
I would looove to buy a newer version (I have an 03) but since mine is paid off, the thought of a car payment is a little more than I can bare.

Love the outfit! Great necklace and your hair looks really good! :))

Lauren said...

I'm hopefully getting another car soon, apparently mine is gonna die. I agree it is exciting, but it sucks when you have your heart set on a car, only for someone else to buy it.

Oh and I'm loving that song by Britney, in fact I adore all of her new album. Good luck with the car hunting!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I LOVE this outfit! SO darling. Where do you find tank tops so long??? As for the car...I drive a Prius after having a V6 sports car and even though I sound (and now drive) like a Grandma I am so glad I switched.

Happy weekend!

Veronika said...

love your outfit and love that bag too!
and britney's entire new album is a-mazing!

FBJ said...

lalalovee britney!


modern.girl said...

i loooooooooove that top!!! i'm looking for something like that too, but can't seem to find anything!

your last photo goes so well with the song. haha!


Michelle Lee said...

your outfit is awesome :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

good luck with the car! I'm not a car person so I know little about it :) Um love all the neutrals together here- brown, black and grey (and white)! well done

Shannon said...

Love this outfit!

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