Sunday, April 17, 2011

Double Up

A.Co Designs circle vest (last seen here), American Eagle oxford (gingham),  Joe Fresh oxford (solid), Dynamite skirt (last seen here), Anne Michelle heels, Givenchy tights, thrifted belt, Mark necklace & Bay bangle  

Hello lovelies, please forgive the slight absence - it's been a week and I was so busy and blah blah blah, who cares right?  All that matters is I'm back and that's that.

So let's talk cars.  I've decided I'm going to keep my car (I know, right, after the car shopping episodes and all) as it's the smarter choice right now.  I would love to have something new (I've had my car for quite a long time) but this just makes sense for now.  So yesterday I went to my parent's house and my wonderful Dad put my summer tires on, fixed my trunk latch, installed a new headlight switch (I've been driving around without lights... well, I had daytime running lights but those aren't very bright at night and I'd have to hold the lever halfway towards me in order to get the highbeams to come on... I know, a little bit ghetto, but,  since I was planning on buying a new car so didn't want to spend the $75 for a new switch) and replaced my burnt out signal bulb.  Having a (retired) mechanic for a Dad has huge perks.

After I left their house, I did a bit of shopping (Winners & Joe Fresh) and picked up a few goodies.  I'll take some pics and show you what I picked up (exciting).  Also, I know I promised you birthday gift pictures and I haven't forgotten, it's just life has gotten in the way and taking perfect pictures takes a lot of time!

Lastly, I created a vlog of my favourite hair products (as someone asked for that) and loaded it onto my computer and it crashed.  It won't even turn on.  Of course I didn't put the video on my laptop, that would just be too easy.  Le sigh.  So, you might or might not be seeing that video in the future.  On that note, does anyone have a good (free) video editing software?  Hook a sistah up.



Natalie said...


myedit said...

My car is a shit show too... but we look good stepping out right?
yay! Winners and Joe Fresh... so much goodness in both of those places!

alison*elle said...

I just found your blog and have been going through some of your previous posts... your shoe room? OMG, to die for! I really like the belt you're wearing (I've been super into belts lately so they're always the first thing I noticed)

xo, alison*elle

Anonymous said...

Not too sure about the outfit, but I usually love your style. Can't wait for the birthday gift post! Also, I have a request, could you post your gym style? Dying to know how you rock it while getting your fitness on!! Xoxo...

Emily said...

Love the skirt. So darling.

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