Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Resolutions

Dynamite jacket (last seen here), H&M tank (last seen here), Nitrogen Signature pants (last seen here), Le Chateau booties (last seen here), Suzy belt, Swatch watch, Charlottte Russe ring & Elizabeth Emily necklace

I have decided to put together a mini resolution list for the month of March.  I already gave my resolutions for the year, but instead of adding to that, I'm going to check off a few new ones in a month alone.

1.  Rock dangly earrings more often.  Husband loves these (especially big hoops) and while I have a ton of earrings, I always revert to my tride-n-true studs (I even wore them for my wedding).  In the past two weeks I've purchased three pairs of dangly earrings and have already worn one of them twice.  Go girl.

2.  Floss.  Okay, this is kind of gross but I hate that shiz, but I'm making it my mission to make this a regular habit (so what if I have a dentist appointment on March 31st).

3.  Celebrate my 27th birthday.  This one might be inevitable as my birthday is quickly approaching and I cannot change that.  However, that said, I'm super excited for number 27 as this is an age I've been looking forward to for years.  No joke.  Also, I'm really just trying to bathe in this excitement of getting older as I might never feel this optimistically about it again.  Ha.

4.  Let my nails grow.  Over a year ago, for the first time ever in my life, I let my nails grow.  I'm not sure what came over me (well, actually I do remember admiring my bridesmaid's nails at brunch one day over the Christmas break and wishing mine were like hers...) but one day I just stopped.  I managed to grow them for almost a whole month and it was incredible.  I'd never seen my own natural nails that long and it was awesome.  Since then, I've let them grow and bit them off, let them grow and picked them off - it seems to come and go in stages.  I'm currently in a 'bite them off' kind of stage which I don't want to be, so, here's to March (and I say this as I sit here and pick my nails).



Anonymous said...

Love that belt and YES to celebrating birthdays! Birthday month. Its an awesome thing.

Anonymous said...

love the belt with the jacket. im totally in love with that colour this season.

and i also have to make a goal to floss every month, otherwise i will not do it!

Elle Sees said...

I've been doing monthly resolutions. I feel less stress by spreading em out. Lol

Anonymous said...

first of all i totally love your jacket!

i wish i was a more regular flosser. i know it does sound gross, but im glad to know its not just me who doesnt regularly do it!!

good luck on your resolutions and happy bday month!

<3 megan

Lauren said...

Ooh I love that necklace! Cute outfit.

Love, L.

Isabel said...

i cant grow my nails. they irritate me so i cut them at least once a week, maybe more. lol.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

you look wonderful! i love the suzy belt and the signature pants. and good luck on your resolutions! happy early birthday as well.

Jamie said...

I love this outfit...that belt is amaze ;)
Ok as far the resolutions,
I too need to rock dangle earings more. I have been going to my necklaces more than earrings and I think they are feeling neglected.
As far as flossing, you can cheat. I get those individual flossers, they come in like a pack of 100 at Target and they are SO much easier than pulling out a long strand and dealing with that.
You are going to be 27. Now I officially feel old. Thanks ;p
I go to the salon and get gel on my nails which keeps them strong and helps them grow. It's not that expensive but I am hard on my nails so this makes it so much easier :))

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