Saturday, March 12, 2011

DIY Napkin Rings

I love napkin rings and I find myself drawn to them everytime I go into Pier 1 (or any other store that sells them, for that matter), however, I really don't use them that often.  Typically, just when we have guests for dinner because I'm not exactly breakin' 'em out for a dinner for two on a daily basis.  However, they are nice to have for special or 'infrequent' occassions.  I wanted to make my own, and these in fact were given as a housewarming gift to a friend.  If you can't find any cheap napkin rings in store, I suggest checking out various thrift stores as they often have them for cheap.  Let's get started.

What you need:
* napkin rings (I used six)
* burlap
* ribbon
* a stone or bead (something decorative)
* hot glue gun

* Measure out your burlap and cut it into strips about twice the width of the napkin ring and long enough that it will wrap around plus a little more

* Put a dab of hot glue on the napkin ring

* Press the end of the burlap strip into the hot glue

* Put a dab of hot glue inside the napking ring and press the burlap on the sides into it (they should overlap)

* Add a line of hot glue around the napkin ring and wrap the burlap around

* Put a dab of hot glue inside the napkin ring and fold the burlap inside towards the glue.  Hold for a few seconds and you're done covering the napking ring (repeaton the remaining napkin rings)

* Cut out a piece of ribbon wide enough to wrap around one side of the napkin ring

* Put a dab of glue inside the napking ring (on the burlap) and wrap your ribbon around and hold

* To get even fancier, I used a second ribbon on top of the inital ribbon (just follow the steps above)

* Once the ribbon is attached, glue on your decorative stone or bead on top & you're done

 Bon appetit!


Leotie Lovely said...

Great D.I.Y! x

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! They win over Pier 1.
Did you take the pictures from your florida post? They are beautiful!
I'm glad your time there is going so well. i love shopping in the states, seriously almost makes me want to move there! haha

stephanie. said...

these are adorable.

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