Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I've Never Done Before

I was totally inspired by Kinsey's post I decided to do my own. 
I've never...

...eaten oysters a pair of shoes

...been to Europe

...owned a designer handbag

...had thick hair

...not been into clothes

...done a tequila shot (oh wait, yes I have)

...paid more than $50 for a bikini

...had a tattoo

...been into white wine but am a fan of red

PS - Just wanted to address how I used the word 'retard' in this post.  
I know some of you didn't like that very much, and I do feel bad that it was something that made you speak up.  
I certainly didn't mean it in a demeaning way, but alas it seems to have come across that way.  
I'll be more considerate next time :)



Sharon Lei said...

I've eaten oyster. Not a fan. :/ LOL. Never re-soled shoes.. or been to Europe! I definitely want to go to Europe.. and I'm sure it will happen one day. I'm smitten with my little LV collection (I know a lot of people hate the monogram, but I'm a fan! I like the epi leather line, but it's so daaaaang pricy)... And since I heart LV so much.. of course I'd love my next bag to come from Marc Jacobs himself. He's got some grat stuff from his line.. and the MBMJ stuff is reasonably priced as well.

I heart Patron.. yum... and you've never paid more than $50 for a suit!? Here in Hawaii, it's like double sometimes triple that amount! I have one tattoo.. my BFF got them together about 5 years ago.

Happy Sunday sweets. I'm at work today. boooooooooo!

xx Love & Aloha

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I love oysters! I think people either love them or hate them but I know the texture is a huge deterrent for people. I personally think they're so refreshing and wonderful. Also, I did spend like 100 bucks on a bikini but it was dumb, I like it - but not much more than my Target ones that are like 30 bucks!!

Jamie said...

Oh this is a fun post! I'm sooo gonna do this!! You mind if I steal?? LOL
And BTW if people got offended at your use of that word (and didn't get the context by reading what you wrote) then they need to seriously get the stick out of their prudish you know whats. Really?? You weren't being derogatory they are just...well, you know. ;)

Alison Kinsey said...

hey lovely lady!! i got back from CA a couple days ago, and am just now catching up on blog reading. thanks so much for the shout out and i'm glad the post inspired you to create one! i've never had a tattoo before either.

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