Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ghetto'ed Blazer

J. Crew blazer (last seen here), H&M tank, Joe Fresh top turned skirt (DIY), Ardene tights, 
Bamboo boots, Urban Original belt, Aldo necklace, Bay bangle & Mexcian bangle

Lovely readers, I did it again: I cut a shirt into a skirt.  I had this Joe Fresh 3/4 sleeve scoop neck top sitting in my closet for a year or two.  I really liked it, I did, it just didn't like me.  So, during my closet clean out (a couple weekends ago) I was debating what to do with it.  I mean, I wasn't ready to part ways with it, not by any means, but at the same time, it was getting worn.  It needed a reinvention.  So, with my trusty scissors, I cut a straight line from under the armpit and made it into a skirt.  Oh, and I'm loooving this skirt.  Loving!  Others were loving it too.  The skirt was getting tons of love.  I feel like before I give away any more clothes I must ensure they cannot be cut into skirts, because if they can, well look out.  I mean, looks like I'll be adding a few more skirts to my wardrobe for free.  And on that note, I have a tutorial/DIY coming on this so you too can make your very own skirt from a shirt - so check back this weekend for that.

So I'm wearing this jacket for probably the fourth or fifth time.  It's J.Crew, I picked it up at the thrift score, I mean store, and paid like, peanuts (which technically translates to $7).  It was a little big so I put it in the dryer, that helped a bit, not enough, but I just belt it and that makes up for it.  Anyways.  While working away, I don't know what prompted me to look at my armpit, but I did and what did I find?!  A large hole.  A hole in my sweet J.Crew blazer.  I felt embarrassed.  How many times had I worn this jacket and not realized?!  Had anyone seen?!  No wonder it was at the thrift store!  This must be fixed, I thought to myself, or I'll have to spend the remainder of the day keeping my arms down (not an easy feat for someone as enthusiastic as me).  I swiftly check the other armpit and sure enough it had a hole too - the exact same size!  So I took the jacket off, pulled out my box of safety pins and totally safety-pinned those suckers shut.  Now if I would just figure out how to thread my new sewing machine I could fix it in a less ghetto way.

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Meg said...

Totally going home to see what shirt(s) I can do this with!

Looove this outfit, chica!

Isabel said...

do u do anything to waist when u cut it into a skirt? elastic?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog, Great styiling! Love the stretchy belt over the jacket, looks more fitted and flattering! ... The colors are also very cute! Hope you can check out mine xo!

Miranda said...

Fabulous and thrift, I love it!

Anonymous said...

It looks so good! Id never think of that!

Anonymous said...

I fully support the ghettoness of safety pinning the armpit holes shut. PS. . I am slightly (read: very) upset that some girls with the crappiest shoe collections and set ups are winning. I mean really. . it should be someone who cares about their shoes! (ie you or I) oh well, I guess i don't NEED any more shoes. . .

LyddieGal said...

cute and creative! very well done!

Chic on the Cheap

Robertino Value said...

I searched for ghetto fix in Google Images. And landed here.
Damn! You and your outfit for shure don't look like a ghetto fix. I'm lovin'it.

Gallaxhar over and out.

P.S. Looks like I'm the only guy in here.
You gals don't tell anyone. You here.

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