Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 Ricki's jacket, Esprit sweater (thrifted), H&M tank (worn backwards) & skirt,
Liliana heels (last seen here), Joe Fresh necklace, Aldo ring & Mexican bracelet

While on a recent thrifting jaunt (yes, jaunt), I was heading to the cash and spied this mint green knit mohair sweater peeking out from a bunch of dud sweaters.  I quickly whipped down the aisle, held it up and imagined it used to belong to some elderly woman.  Perfect.  I purchased it immediately and left even happier.  Imagine my surprise when I washed it (before wearing, of course) and saw the 'Esprit' lable inside.  Elderly lady it did not belong to, yet, likely some girl my age.  Nonetheless, it was an excellent find, even if it's not vintage.

Next up, as you might know, I took a really bad fall almost two weeks ago, and was off work for just over a week.  It was pretty terrible, but the rest did me well as I'm back at work this week and feeling almost as good as new.  This past Saturday, I had my family Thanksgiving (the one I posted about was the in-laws) and since I was still unable to drive (due to my back), my parents had planned to pick me up.  Well, dinner was at 5:30pm but my mom called at 10:30am to see if I'd be ready for 1pm instead.  Why so early (!? - I shrieked a little), and she calmly replied, 'So we can go to the mall first?'  Without hesitation I said I'd be ready for 1pm.  After being cooped up in the house for a week and a half, I wanted to get out (and to my second home, needless to say).  Now of course, by the end of the shopping trip, I was getting a little sore and my back was agitated, but, it was worth it.  You know why?  Because I picked up this amazing white faux fur jacket!  I saw it and it was love at first sight.  The store had just unpacked it that morning and it wasn't even on the floor yet!  The best part?  My mom printed an extra coupon for me to use (that day only) to get 40% off.  It was a no brainer.  A slight splurge, but a no brainer.  I think we will be very happy together.  I already showed her off a little.



Anonymous said...

The jacket is gorgeous! Glad you're feeling better :)

this free bird said...

oh mah goodness. you hit the JACKET JACKPOT!! it looks amazing on you...and with that sweater!

so sorry to hear about your back - hope it continues to get better :)

Daniela said...

fabulous shoes!
glad your feeling better! Here's to 100% :)

Isabel said...

ooh i love the jacket...and i really love those heels!

Jamie said...

BBFF?!?! You fell? How awful!! I hope you are feeling better!!
I bet making those 2 amazing fashion scores helped! That sweater is freaken AWESOME and love love love the new coat!

Shop T.O. Live said...

Oh wow, that jacket looks so cozy and cuddly! Great buy.

I was just catching up with your blog ...loved the shoe room!!! Wow (yes, another wow)! It's so organized and everything looks so accessible. I am just about to move and I am thinking about plans for a walk in closet, and now maybe a shoe room.

Kara said...

Ooh, that white faux jacket is going to be perfect for winter and especially the holiday season...great find!! Also, I have the same H&M pencil skirt as you and I friggin love it! It looks amazing on you so I was inclined to comment on it lol.

Just started following your blog! Love what I see! :)


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