Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blaze It Up

F21 jacket (last seen here), Seduction lace top, Garage tank, Dynamite blazer (last seen here),
Joe Fresh skirt, Promise heels, Foster Grant sunnies, Suzy necklace & belt

I debated for a couple months on these heels before pulling the trigger.  However, I was planning my wedding, and the finances had to be controlled (especially towards shoe purchases!).  After the wedding though, I couldn't take it any longer, especially when they gave me the opportunity to take 25% off - don't mind if I do!  Total bonus, they are quite comfortable and easy to walk in (yessssss).



Anonymous said...

That jacket is fierce!!!

And to answer your twitter question the other day I like it when they respond to my comments on my page if I've asked a question or something. If it's just a general 'thanks for commenting' then they can write it on their page or not at all. I do not get offended if I don't get a personalized 'thank you' for every comment. But I do get a little offended when I ask a question and I get no response at all. . . like I asked the question to be funny? No, I actually wanted an answer! lol

Valerie said...

LOVE the heels and awesome that you got them 25% off! I'm also loving that fabulous jacket. I need to add something leopard to my wardrobe right away.


Anonymous said...

Love the heels - very YSL!

Kate said...

LOVE that first picture of you!! So hot! That jacket is amazing, and aviators look so good on you - my face totally rejects them. Fab outfit, lady!

julianne. said...

i love how gorgeous you make professional look.
this is a great outfit.<3

Jamie said...

You look so hot in this!! I love the touch of leopard with the all black outfit and those shoes are so hot!! So glad you got them...they are SO worth it!!

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