Friday, April 9, 2010

DIY Circle Scarf

{ circle scarf }

I've wanted a circle scarf for a while now, but didn't want to pay the price that went along with one from a store.  So, I headed to my closest fabric store, picked up 1.5m of yellow jersey fabric to see if I could make one myself.  I'm pretty excited with the end result because it turned out quite nice!  I'm no sewer by any means, but my mom has a sewing machine that I've hemmed pants the odd time, so I gave it a shot.  I learned how to create a french seam during this project too, and can't wait to wear my new accessory!

{ yellow jersey fabric - the colour looks pale, but it's quite a vibrant yellow }

{ sewing the second seam to create a french seam }

{ this shows the french seam -
unfortunately I didn't have any yellow thread, so this will have to do }

Ways to Wear It:

{ around the neck }

{ length-wise around the neck }

{ length-wise wrapped around the neck }

{ doubled-up around the neck }

{ hooded & doubled-up around the neck }

{ shoulder shawl }

{ one-sleeved top }

{ criss-cross }

{ tied at the shoulder & belted as a dress }


Anonymous said...

That turned out great!

serenadeveryday said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
This post makes me want to make a circle scarf myself now. The yellow is perfect for the spring.

PS. Loving your gray shoes in the previous post. =P

<3 Serena.

Jenn said...

HOLY SMOKES- you are SO creative. Love the look as a dress...gotta love it: short & sweet AND with a belt...AMAZING.

Looks great- keep up the awesome work.


The Casey/Collins Fam said...

AMAZING! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks FANTASTIC! Great tutorial. Can't wait to try this! Is that jersey cotton?

Unravelled Threads

Jamie said...

Wow Amanda!! You got skills!! I LOVE this!! I especially love that you can wear it as a dress??!!!
Thanks for the sweetest comment yesterday...and yeah (ahem) new boy=COH jeans...I mean so sweet right?? I think he might be a keeper ;)

Come see the awards I gave you today :)

julianne. said...

im tottally going to try.
awesome girlll.<3

ssmall4 said...

oh wow! This is so great! can't wait til I get my sewing machine so I can do this. I loooove how much fun you're having with this! you look so fab in yellow too!

Silvia Couture said...

love the yellow great creative ways to wear it!


Lindsay With An "A" said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your skills girl! :) Thanks so much for coming by my blog!!

Isabel said...

i love it! i wish i had a sewing machine so i could do stuff like that.

Walk of Fashion

Madiha said...

Cute blogg, love the yelloow!
Would love for you to check mine out, and follow :)


apparellel said...

you go girl! this is what i love to see!! look what you did with just a simple piece of jersey!! amazing!

thanks for your sweetness, and being an inspiration to anyone is the most important thing i could ever do and to hear those words, makes my heart swell. love.


Unknown said...

I love how you show us how to style it. Cute! I made a few scarves too. They're so easy, I can't believe I ever paid money for ones like these. DIY is awesome!!

I am Khatu said...

Hello lovely, just catching up on your blog. You did a great job on the scarf, what a pretty color! Love that chain necklace, where is it from? And I finally did your bag tag!

Angelique said...

Hey doll! THanks for the comment on my blog :]

I loveeeeeeeeee this post!! Especially the last picture when your scarf turned into a dress!!! Amazing! :]

Anonymous said...

LOVE the circle scarf - you are so creative!!!!

I'M THAT CHIQ said...

So creative, good job :D

Samantha said...

Great post. Really pretty pics.


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

aaargh, that's amazing, forget AApparel when you can make your own! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx

Mila said...


Couture said...

Very beautiful!
Thank you for your sweet comment!

Anna Katrina said...

i just love dyi pieces & projects. i really need to get more artistic! it looks fab though

Anna Katrina

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