extra large coffee (mandatory)  |  cruisin'

Took a lil' road trip with Christine and it was great to get away for the day.  We did some minor shopping but mainly drove, talked, and sang our hearts out (she brought two iPods loaded with amazing music).  Aren't days with girlfriends such fun?

 Purchases: F21 belt, H&M skirt & top

Purchases:  Charlotte Russe earrings, F21 necklace, ring & bangles

Today my girlfriend and I are getting away.  Getting out of town.  Getting lost.  And we've made a pact: no cell phones.  Of course we are bringing them with us (duh, safety first my friends), but they are being turned off.  Destination unknown.  A real adventure.  Sometimes you just need to get away (ideally on a holiday that we are getting paid for but don't have to work - woot!).

Happy Good Friday to all. 
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