Old Navy jacket, American Apparel vest, A.Co Designs top, Forever 21 skirt, unknown tights, 
Aldo wedges (last seen here), Joe Fresh necklace & Dynamite belt 

I wasn't kidding when I said these wedges might take precedent over my current faves - they've been getting a ton of play lately.  I've only had them for a week and a half and already worn them four times.  If you've seen my shoe room, that's playing favourites for sure.  This was the first time wearing them with the ankle strap and I have to say, quite impressive.  I could run all over the office, up and down stairs, all day long without any slippage.  Perfect! 

In other news, this might just be the world's tiniest umbrella that-actually-covers-a-full-grown-working-woman.  I love the look of it, it's adorable with it's lace trim and the sunny yellow colour is peppy... however, I never understood people's comments when I'd be using this umbrella.  Asking me if I got it in the child's department, or if my umbrella was, 'big enough?'  After seeing these photos, I might just have to get rid of this thing stat.  I look like some sort of wanna-be-child freak.  Look how small the shaft (shaft? stick? handle?) is!  I guess I'm channeling my inner-child.  Yes, that's it, my inner-child.  From now on I need to start using this umbrella instead... which I DIY'ed myself.

American Apparel vest, H&M top (last seen here), Sirens skirt, Suzy belt,
Aldo wedges (last seen here), Bijoux Terner necklace, Aldo bangle & Suzy ring

We have been having crazy rain storms here the past couple of days, which isn't exactly normal for us. I had planned to shoot this outfit post outside, but when it started to pour, that plan changed quickly.  Good thing I snapped up these shots beforehand because I was greated by a very unpleasant surprise when I left work:  my car sitting in a flooded parking lot at work!  Not only that, but my car was the only car (out of hundreds) in the deepest water (what are the chances?!).  After wading to my car (and taking some pictures along the way), I nervously opened my door hoping water wouldn't flow in (as it was to the bottom of the doors), but to my surprise, there already was water inside my car, an inch deep!  Oh yeah, and my former wedding shoes were on the floor in the backseat in a pool of water.  Awesome.  Oh yeah, did I mentioned I got a parking ticket at work, that day? 

{ I took my shoes off to walk through the huge pool to get to my car -
it was almost at my knees at the deepest part -ie. beside my car }

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