A make-over for my site has been a long time coming and while I will eventually switch over to another platform and get more customized, I'm really happy to share with you a more streamlined version of my blog.

So what's changed?

|  There are navigational pages at the top, so if you're new--or not--you can easily find your way around.

|  The search bar has moved up to the top and you can easily access all my social media links below it.

|  The formatting is a little different, and I'm really pleased with how my posts align now, with the title front and centre along with the date.

|  Another cool option, you can share all posts with one click!  Below each post, there is a Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest option for sharing, which will open up a share window for you to easily post to your favourite social media site--that is, if you want to share something.

|  I created a new header to be congruous with my business cards, Style Consulting business and other social media platforms. 

And finally, the design was done by Mlekoshi Playground & offered by Luvly.co.

As always, thanks so much for coming here and checking out what I'm up to.  I hope you like the new layout and find it more pleasing to the eye and easier to read.  Feedback is welcome as I want this to be a place you want to come, enjoy and like looking at.

You may have noticed some changes around these parts and it's part of my bigger plan to redesign my blog.  I often see other blogs and ooh-and-ahh a little at how they look (and feel) and what catches my eye.  However, implementing it is a whole other story, and I'm not ready to pay someone to do it for me.  So, back to the drawing board with my favourite 'friend': HTML.

I'd love to hear any feedback you may have.  What makes the site more navigatable?  What do you like?  Dislike?  etc.  Please be kind, I am learning through my own research and trial-and-error, so, constructive criticism only (if any :).

* I'm a little sad to give up the 'Girls in Shoes' header; I really do love it, but, it's been three years, I think a change is due.

I have been blogging for close to one year and absolutely love it. It has become a fantastic hobby for me, something that I really enjoy and take great pride in.  Something that frustrates me, though, is learning HTML.  I know some basics (I am self-taught) however, this isn't something that seems to come too naturally to me... or perhaps I'm just not putting in enough time.  

When I see other girls' blogs, I can't help but wonder how they got their pictures positioned like that, how did they create such a cool collage or where on earth can I learn to do that.  I feel that since starting my blog, it has come a long way, and my layout is better than ever, I find it pleasing to the eye, etc.  However, there are certain things I want to do, things I want to learn, but it all seems so difficult.  I google HTML learning sites frequently, use other bloggers' 'Source' to try and teach myself how to do certain things, but it just doesn't always work out... or at least, it isn't as easy as I wish it was.

Like anything, a beautiful end result takes work, and effort, and that's something I'm willing to do but I'm somewhat at a loss of where to start, and how to get there.  So my fellow blogging friends, where did you learn your HTML?  Are you still learning?  Do you wish your skills were better or are you quite satisfied with what you know?  

Lastly, I'd love to hear your suggestions for my blog.  What could I do to make it more pleasing to the eye?  How can I make it easier to navigate?  And what do you personally like to see on a blog?

PS - Does anyone know sign language?  (hehe)
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