1.  Elle MacPherson
2.  Lena from Quality Rivets
3.  Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black
4.  unknown
5.  Christine Centenera
6.  unknown
7.  unknown
8.  unknown

(Please let me know if you are the owner of a photo so I can credit you properly)

Old Navy & Forever 21 are killing it with their affordable colour blocking tops out for Spring.  I couldn't decide which colour combo I liked best so I bought both (from F21). 

Clockwise from top left:
2.  Forever 21 colour block woven tank
3.  Forever 21 colour block woven tank

Bedo is killing it this year with their F/W collection.  I was in the store a couple weeks ago during my trip to Montreal and was drooling over almost every piece.  I walked away empty handed (didn't want to spend $80+) but even love the way they've styled their collection.

Just a few random snaps I've saved while perusing the 'net.  

{ love him - how fab is he!? }


Lately I've been using my iPhone to snap various pictures of styles I'm feeling in magazines.  It's a great go-to when I'm feeling less than inspired and also makes me feel less guilty about chucking my magazines (I have a sick collection, literally sickening as I need to get rid of it, that has amassed over the past decade or so).  I love being able to refer to the photos when putting outfits together or planning a shopping trip.  These are my most recent favourite looks.

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