Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Happy Monday -- how was your weekend?

On Friday I did some closet cleaning, which rolled into Saturday evening as well, but the good news is, are the Summer heels are out front and all the boots are tucked away--not like it's mid-July or anything  #ohjeeze

Then Marco and I grabbed take-out from the Pizzeria near our place--they make an awesome BBQ chicken with salad and fries.


Saturday afternoon workout, then groceries and a super low key evening.  

We picked up this turkey jerky for the first time and I loved it.  Great to satisfy a salty craving (even though I'm usually all about sweets).

Speaking of sweets, Marco surprised me by picking up one of my favourite treats: pecan tarts!  We watched two movies, Chasing Niagara & View from a Blue Moon.  

Chasing Niagara was so good--would highly recommend, such a thrill seeking documentary and you know when Red Bull is behind any film, the footage is going to be insane.

View from a Blue Moon was not what we had hoped.  While the footage and talent was incredible, there wasn't much of a story and it was just awesomely filmed clips of him surfing various places all over the world.  We actually stopped the movie after a solid 45 minutes as it felt repetitive and like it wasn't really going anywhere.

I spent all of Sunday cleaning, doing laundry and editing.  Nothing exciting, seriously, I didn't change out of my lounge-wear... so here is a photo of a beautiful orchid a friend brought me as a hostess gift a couple weeks ago.   Bonus points for it still being alive!  #notthegreenestthumb

And finally, food of Sunday: avocado toast with eggs and hot sauce, and finally Vietnamese for dinner, because, hey, it wouldn't be a weekend recap without it.

Hope you have a great weekend.  We are supposed to get a major heat wave this week, and after tons of rain this weekend, I'm stoked.

See you tomorrow! 


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