Wednesday, February 24, 2016

17 Rose Quartz Sweaters Under $150

You're probably fully aware of the rose quartz trend for this Spring, being it's one of Pantone's colours for 2016.  I've practically been living in this sweater since getting it for Christmas, but since it's still out of stock, I thought I'd share some cozy pieces to get you through the last month or so of winter.  
When it turns warmer, pair up with a pair of denim shorts on cool evenings out with friends.  17 sweaters after the jump...



patrickharrison said...

Hi Amanda! Just wanted to say thank you again and let everyone know that you are amazing! Really helpful and funny! I cannot wait to really get started on this project even though its not the manliest of things! lol
Thanks again

Carmen Varner said...

That sweater certainly looks cozy & it's the perfect color! Rose quartz is beautiful. :]

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