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Thursday, January 14, 2016


So many of you have asked about this bra each time I wear it and it's just an inexpensive bralette I picked up at Urban Planet about a year ago.  That said, I've linked a ton of inexpensive options here.

The leather jacket was my Christmas gift from Marco that I'm completely smitten with and something I've wanted for two years.  I will add that I knew what I was getting and he purchased it on Cyber Monday and saved 30% #score


I can't find this dress online but I picked it up at the end of November so I'm sure it's still kicking around in store.  I paired it with some gold accessories but think rose gold would look even better.  I love that this dress is longer in length, great for my 5'11 frame but also would be so chic on shorter girls, hitting above or around mid-calf.

I picked up these heels in the Fall and to be honest, haven't worn them a ton but love the look of them.  The straps make them easy to walk in, but they are a slight pain to get into!  #letsbereal

That said, they look amazing and so sexy on, so definitely a great purchase to wear with waxed pants or to snazz up a little black dress.


When all else fails, all black errthang wins.

This was the day I got the keys to my new condo and sitting in the kitchen!  

These leggings are the next best thing to my Lululemon ones, if you're looking for high waisted.  They come in a variety of colours and are a fraction of the price.

I love my Chuck Taylors and have my eye on a black pair next.  I passed these up after trying them on in the store because technically I don't need another pair...yet.


I am loving high-waisted any and everything and I have these jeans in black cotton as well--they are inexpensive and look great.  I always tuck a bit of my top into my pants, usually a little to the left of the button so it's slightly off-centre to add interest.


Yes, the holidays are over but it's never too late to stock up on sequins!  While the fancy fabric is often saved for festive gatherings, it's one of those things that if I find something I like, I'll usually snatch it up, especially when it's on sale.  You'll put it to good use later in the year and be glad you did!


Neutrals are always a winner for me and I am loving the knit flares trend we are seeing.  Mine are from Urban Planet and I'm kicking myself for not picking up the black pair as well, back in the Fall.  They are essentially a glorified sweat pant you can wear to the office and look chic in.  I'm loving these black ones form Free People.

So cozy and warm--these socks are perfect for weekends and staying in or if you have a weekend getaway planned with your special someone or a girls getaway.  How cute would they be in the morning with a cute pyjama set?!

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